We offer you a unique collection of facts and interesting information about Turkey and its inhabitants.
And so, 50 interesting facts about Turkey, which you may not know.

50 interesting facts about Turkey
1. 75 % hazelnuts grow in Turkey - the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world. 2,5 billion USD – revenue in the year.

2. Turkey - the birthplace of tulips, From Turkey in Europe the tulip got in the 2nd half of the XVI century.

3. Turkish Land Forces is the second force in NATO after the US Army. Turkish army, According to experts, is one of the most highly trained in the region and the world.

4. If foreigners buy property they can to issue mortgages 7% in year.

5. In Turkey high enough paid work of teachers, physicians, military, the police and the public sector in general. Pension at state employees – 50% of the last salary. In the ordinary police are pension about 1800 TL (about $485).

6. Service in public hospitals - at a high level. MRI scan, ultrasonography, X-rays can be done immediately, or at least – in the next days, in cabinets of urologist, gynecologist, cardiologist and etc. have ultrasound machines, good clinics equipment, quality modern diagnostic equipment.

7. The first face transplant operation was successful conducted in Turkey, as well as of three limbs.

8. Import is a little, on the shelves in stores have much “own” Turkish. It seems, there is produced in general all, industry - one of the leading sectors of the economy. For example, Turkey is the largest bus manufacturer in Europe, and the share of production of motor vehicles is 7% of total European market.

9. In Turkey is very developed medical tourism, here successfully treat oncology, make plastic and ophthalmic surgery, developed neurosurgery, the prices for medical services for foreigners is much lower, than, for example, in Germany or Israel.

10. Minimum pension: SSK (for employees) 1339 TL ($360), by July 2017 will lift up 1439 ($390). Bagkur (for employers) – 1163 TL ($315), by July 2017 will lift up 1250 TL ($340).

11. Alcohol is expensive in Turkey, hard to see drunk people on the streets, people play with their children on the grounds, play sports.

12. In country have single price of drugs, very high control over the quality of medicines, low prices. No fakes, as the criminal sentence for such activities - from 30 up to 50 years.

13. The pension of the deceased husband gets wife (75%). A widow will receive a pension for life of her husband, and after her death, already double the pension will go to non-married or divorced daughter (She will get it, until you get married).

14. After the purchase of real estate in Turkey, a foreigner can obtain citizenship of the country through 5 years of residence in it.

15. In many cities children go to special servicing buses in the school or kindergarten (it is paid by parents, pay is low), so choose a school exclusively in the area of ​​residence does not necessarily.

16. In Turkey have a law, allowing exemption from military service in case of payment of state duty. The law applies to all Turkish men, have reached 27 years of age and do not want to serve in the army. They will get it right in the case of payment of state duty in the amount of 18 thousands TL (approximately 4,9 thousands of dollars), the average salary is about $890.

17. It is easy to get residence permit, even without the real estate in the country (on the basis of lease, for example). And for extension of the residence permit will not need to go - the questionnaire is filled in the website, and the documents are sent by post, also in response you will get the new license.

18. Children under 18 is guaranteed free medical care in public health facilities, this also applies to foreigners with a residence permit.

19. If a person pays their pension insurance, he can get the accumulated money before pension age, if need be.

20. In Turkey, there are bilateral agreements with 36 world countries on cooperation in the field of health care, countries are allocated quota. For these quotas, the citizens of those countries can get free medical treatment, depending on the situation, even including transport costs, accommodation and food two accompanying the to each patient. Main condition – treatment should be carried out in public, health facilities.

21. In Turkey, banks and ATMs have modern systems, for example, even without an ATM card, you can send money for another ATM.

22. New comfortable intercity buses, where there is wi-fi, toilet, stewards spread of coffee-tea-snack, and chairs are very comfortable. Bus stations often look, as the small airports. Trip, for example, from Antalya to Alanya (130 km, 2 hours) costs 20 TL (5 Euro).

23. In Turkey, the state airline THY (TurkishAirlines) has free ground health care services and support for patients flights. Patient with a ticket will be met in the airport, they will go on special routes, provide wheelchairs, medical staff, if necessary, when change trains is needed, the transportation is carried out ambulances. And it's all free.

24. Taxpayers' money go to destination for city improvement, and not up in the pockets officials, for example, in Alanya and Antalya constantly work for improvement of public spaces, carefully monitor for flower beds and gardens , new bridges are being built, roads are repaired.

25. In Turkey, there are a lot of good schools for children with various disabilities on full state support.

26. Bank cards (any, including foreign) is taken almost in any shops.

27. For Turkish citizens and foreigners with residence permits are free foreign language courses in many cities, accounting, financial literacy, various arts, crafts. To enroll you must be registered with the pre-announced date.

28. Buses can stop at the request of women anywhere, not only stops.

29. Taxi call buttons are located on the… pillars. Call a taxi is very simple - you need to find the nearest pillar with a yellow button and push on it, the car will arrive within 3 minutes.

30. Turkey – a country with a rich history. There are a lot of open-air museums in Turkey, for example Efes, Milet, Perge, Olympos, Termessos, Phaselis and many others.

31. In Turkey, there is a city, it located on two continents – Europe and Asia. This is Istanbul. Istanbul – a unique city, there are a great number of historical places, underground water reservoir Cistern is one of them. And now in Istanbul was built a huge transport tunnel under the Bosphorus.

32. Well-groomed area towns and villages - the norm for Turkey, there are a lot of new parks for children and for people with disabilities, there are high quality playgrounds with a soft covering, even in the villages, fitness equipment for adults are in all parks, there are jogging trails.

33. Separate miracle – climate in Turkey. No wonder, Turkey is called the country of the four seasons. On the shore of the Mediterranean Sea can to start summer, but somewhere in the mountains at the same time it will be snow. From the warm sea to the snow in the mountains - about an hour away by car. The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea on the Antalya coast in winter does not fall below 17 degrees.

34. In Turkey, well developed agriculture. Some vegetables provide three harvests a year, strawberry appears in Antalya in January, and there is the cotton fields, and olive groves, and lavender plantation, and roses bloom even in winter.

35. Turkey is washed by four seas: the Mediterranean, the Black, the Aegean and the Marmara. And it is bordered by eight countries.

36. It is worth noting the quality of leather tanning in Turkey, leather production is quite a large scale. Many leather goods are exported. Also in Turkey, it produced high-quality and low-priced textiles, which are sold worldwide.

37. In Turkey, funerals are covered by state insurance, the allocation of space in the cemetery, transportation around the city in the provision of funeral services are free of charge, even for a foreigner with a residence permit including exraservise (coffin).

38. Turkey is among the top five in the world tea production. And the Turks themselves joke, that the country, may be, and the fifth for the production of, but exactly the first for the consumption.

39. In many parks in Turkey can be found houses for cats and dogs, where animals can eat, warm up, stay, receive veterinary care, etc.. Pet food in the streets is placed in special places, there always have drinking water, and recreational areas are located boxes with free packages for cleaning the animals.

40. In Turkey, there is a possibility of obtaining by foreigners free higher education, and you can get a scholarship and free accommodation. Free courses are also operate for the profession.

41. Turks - hospitable nation, there is no negative attitude toward visiting foreigners, there are quite a few mixed marriages.

42. In Turkey, even in the tourist areas are very affordable prices for clothing and footwear, a lot of our own production.

43. For the last 5 years made a big leap in the production of household appliances. For example, several times completely unknown company became the winner of Consumer Electronics.

44. In country there are free sports centers for children and youth, which are equipped with all necessary equipment, visit them can Turkish citizens and, and foreigners with a residence permit.

45. On the territory of Turkey, besides thousands of historical objects, including the UNESCO-protected, located 2 of 7 Wonders of the World - Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis. With citizenship or residence permit you can buy the museum card for a year 50 TL and attend almost all of Turkey's museums for free every day!

46. The municipal buses have sliding pad, that help people with disabilities to get inside, everywhere there are ramps and elevators to facilitate the movement of disabled and prams. Quite a lot of tracks for the blind. There are very good conditions for hiring people with disabilities, employers of such workers are interested. Many people realize the features themselves and earn a pension, live fully.

47. Many public transport stops to the south of the country are equipped with air conditioning.

48. In Turkey – excellent roads, many airports, internal flights are very affordable (5-30 dollars).

49. In Turkey operates a simplified system registration of real estate when buying it, besides the ownership is acquired not only apartment, but the share of land, on which stands the house.

50. Car, decorated to a Turkish citizen, you can drive without a power of attorney. Foreigners are easy enough to change the rights to the Turkish period of 10 years, lost national passport changed for three days, international passport issued very quickly, documents for the device for work can be collected for 1 day. Very fast and easy can to get passport of the citizen (kimlik). No queues for fill profiles and expectations. Apostille on documents put for a couple of minutes and free of charge.