Turkish authorities have engaged in the expansion of the Antalya Airport.

Antalya Airport prepares for expansion. This implies increase in the area of ​​all zones: aircraft service area, their temporary parking and the station for passengers.

All of this will be built on a new area of ​​about 1 100 acres. Place, in the immediate vicinity of the airport, already bought from Turkish farmers. Construction is expected to start soon and be completed within 5 years.

In addition to the new passenger terminal and hangar, also build two runways. The process of expansion of the airport does not affect its functionality and schedule the reception of passenger aircraft.

According to technical and economic calculations, in the coming years in the Antalya airport is expected to increase the number of regular and charter flights. Chances, that the existing infrastructure will no longer deal. For passengers comfort, compliance processes of aircraft maintenance, unloading of existing buildings and planned expansion of the runway.

How Antalya airport looks like now:
1 – international terminal 1,
2 – international teminal 2,
3 – temrinal domestic flights.