Antioch to Cragum Bay – it is an extraordinary place near the eponymous ancient city, it located among the rocks and has access to the sea through an arch in the rock.

Although, that in this bay the rocky shore, here you can relax and swim. At this point is deep, The water is very clean and clear. Around the bay are growing bananas, pine and flowers.

Getting to this place is easy – from Alanya 65 km to the east (road D400), and from Antalya – 250 km, including 5 km will have to go along a narrow winding mountain road among banana trees.

Leaving the car in a small parking near the ruins of the fortress , will need to walk down the trail to the bay. The trail is rocky and sometimes very steep, so be careful.

Bay near the Antioch to Cragum – the perfect place for photoset, so going to travel do not forget your camera ))

Antioch to Cragum Bay

Bay Antiochia ad Cragum on the map

Text and photos: Evgeny Nazarenko