Many tourists, who come to Turkey for vacation, and then remain in its, sooner or later begin to think about buying a car. Of course, you can take a car rental for various periods, but in the end it comes to understanding, that its car is still better, than rent – because it can then sell and return of the investments.

In his article, I will talk about the nuances and prioritization of operations with the purchase and registration of cars in Antalya (Turkey), as well as the receipt of license plates.

It should be remembered, what to buy cars in Turkey are foreigners, with a residence permit.

And so, where to look for cars?

Cars in Antalya (Other cities also) You can search for and select the following locations:
1) Site Sahibinden ( – It is the most popular online resource for search and selection of cars throughout Turkey. The site exhibited cars themselves owners, and intermediaries (galleries). There are certainly other sites, but they are seriously inferior Sahibindenu.
2) The galleries – This autoshops, in that pass to sell their car owners, not to engage in the sale of their own. Prices of cars they will be higher, than owners.
3) Car market (closed on Sundays). The market view cars, of course, one can, but the prices are clearly too high, so, in my view, this is not the place to buy a foreign car.

When choosing a car inspection and ask the owner:
1) whether in a car accident;
2) a mandatory annual tax on cars;
3) What is the price of compulsory insurance.
Also, by a simple SMS to 5664 state number of the car can be found by, whether in a car accident and have been paying at the same time, SMS price - 4 TL (very useful information).

Buying cars

When you have chosen a car, but we are not ready to pay the full cost, you must leave a deposit in the amount of roughly owner 1000 lire and take with him a receipt for the money.
Next, at the agreed time, you and the owner must be jointly apply to a notary (any) and execute a contract of sale of car.
The customer must provide the following documents to the notary:
– passport (original);
– notarized translation of the passport into Turkish;
– tax number;
– Residence permit-ikamet (original).
If you do not speak the Turkish language, check that the notary, in the transaction must be present a certified translator, which is responsible for explaining to you all your rights and help with the translation in the transaction.

What does a notary?
First, than to issue a sales contract, a notary in the general system verifies the authenticity of the documents submitted (Residence Permit, tax number and documents for cars), there are no debts on cars (unpaid fines, taxes), whether it is not listed in the hijacking. If the machine is "white" and all the documents are in order, notary prepares and gives out two copies of the contract, but in their hands, you will get only, when both parties confirm the fact of payment of the entire amount of cars.

Also, the notary's office is necessary to take one more document - a temporary vehicle inspection certificate in the car, but in the name of the buyer.

And so, drawn up by a notary two papers – sales contract and temporary vehicle inspection certificate in the car.

Cost of services
interpreter - 150 TL,
Notary - 230 TL.

Register in police cars

The registration procedure in police cars (Traffic Police) - Not complicated and takes 15 minutes. But first you need to fill 3 the application and all documents put into the folder "Delo". Without it, your documents will not be accepted.

Make everything possible both to, and using "pomogaek" (the territory of the police, they always have), who for 10 TRY're all fill and place the folder properly feed.

With the finished folder you need to go to the police, which gives coupons, he will issue a ticket with the number of turns, but first went to the window, which quickly scans all documents in the folder, stamped on the acceptance and invest in a folder of paper on a new number (foreigners to give the guest a license plate with the letters MA to MZ). Then you need to wait for their turn and go to the inspector, which will give you a new vehicle inspection certificate, pass for cars and detachable coupon along with the new license plate for a new room.

The whole procedure is free of charge to police.

Obtaining license plates

Loose spine need to drive to another police station, submit a detachable coupon along with the new license plate and pay 40 TL for the manufacture of rooms. Wait have 15-20 minutes, since the procedure of manufacturing number plates is not too fast. When the paint is dry, You will be called to the window and will be given a new license plates svezhesdelannye.

And finally, about insurance.

Car insurance

Upon receipt of the contract at the notary you need for a 10 days to issue mandatory (traffic) insurance in your name. As in Turkey, you can not change the number after the purchase, then this is sufficient, to be a full participant in traffic. But in the case of, when there is buying foreign cars from the Turks, license plate will have to change necessarily, and it must be done within 30 days after the registration of the transaction. After receiving the new rooms insurance agent at your request does to an existing application to the new insurance number.

The price of compulsory insurance - by 500 Lear of 1 years (It depends on model year cars, model, the insurance company and the city, where you live).

In addition to the mandatory can be issued CASCO, the price will be from 1500 lire for the year.

For the convenience of the location on maps of the automotive market in Antalya, Traffic Police and the Organization for the issuance of license plates.

Text: Evgeny Nazarenko