Ariassos was founded in the Hellenistic period 3 century BC. It lasted until 7 century BC. The city was well protected and had a strategic position, located at the intersection of transportation routes of southern Anatolia between Pisidia and Pamphylia.

The ancient city in Pisidia with an interesting history, it founded in III. BC. under the rule Selevk I Nicator, former military leader and a bodyguard of Alexander the Great. The city can be seen carved into the rock temple of Emperor Augustus, one of the oldest churches in Asia Minor and much more…

Antioch to Cragum Bay – it is an extraordinary place near the eponymous ancient city, it located among the rocks and has access to the sea through an arch in the rock.

If you stay in Alanya and you want to take a break from the sea, only the 10 km from Alanya there are a great place, where you can always eat well, swim in a mountain river and just have a good time.

Karacaoren Baraji – reservoir area 45 km2, built in 1977-1990 years in the mountains on the Aksu River for irrigation of soils, flood control, and generation of electricity. Ещё в водоёме разводят рыб 🙂

Gemiler Bay – is another extraordinary place near Ölüdeniz and Fethiye. Opposite the bay is the island of the same name – Gemiler Island. This island has the second name – St. Nicholas. It is believed, that this place was the center of the spread of Christianity in this region of the Byzantine Empire.

In addition to the waterfall Antalya “Upper Duden” there is also a “Lower Duden”. This waterfall, which flows into the sea, and in the spring it is very beautiful.

Small reservoir Dojran (Doyran Göleti) located between Antalya and the ski resort Saklikent next to the highway.

In addition to the amphitheater in Aspendos there is something to see – Basilica, Agora, Nymph, Exedra and Aqueduct is considered one of the most well-preserved buildings of the time on the Antalya coast.

Bay Korsan Koyu in Turkish language calls "The Pirate Bay". Korsan Koyu in 1 century BC was a haven for pirates of Cilicia. It was a real coastal pirate stronghold with a tower on the rocks.

Korkuteli Reservoir (Korkuteli Baraji) is situated on the outskirts of Korkuteli town (50 km from Antalya, route D350). It was built for flood control and collection of mountain waters.

There are only boutique hotels, and a small cottage village in this cozy valley. There is a small beach area with sun loungers under a canopy and pier.

Adrasan Bay has an absolutely unique location – sea from the one side, and there are mountains covered in forests from the others. There are different hotels, small cafes and restaurant with affordable prices between the sea and mountains.

Just 15 kilometers south from Antalya and you can see marvelous place. The river Duden is a true mountain stream, which is coming from the cliffs, forming brilliant splashes and rainbow in a blue sky.

Kursunlu National Park is a perfect place for, a one-day trip, if you want to try something distinctive from your beach time. Well, and the waterfall of the same name - is one of the most vivid impressions: with combination of noisy water flows, slender pines, which are directed towards the sky, and coolness.

According to historians, Aspendos is one of the most interesting prints millennial history of Antalya region.