As much as it may sound strange, but Lake Salda in Turkey called Turkish Maldives for its snow-white beach and turquoise water.

Gemiler island – this place, it is very popular among tourists not only for its natural beauty, but and his history, which closely related to the life of St.Nicholas.

Peonies in the mountains of Antalya – this is reality. Only 20 km from the city in the mountains at an altitude of 1400 m is one wonderful place, where bloom these unusual flowers in April.

Milet – ancient Greek city, it went down in history as one of the oldest cities with a high cultural level, development of trade relations on a par with Ephesus and Troy. In Miletus he lived and worked the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, laid the foundations of Greek culture and statehood, as well as the European science in general, "Father of philosophy" Phales of Mileth.

Zeus Cave – a unique karst cave at the foot of Mount Samsun before entering the National Park in Dilek 28 km from Kushadas.

If you come on holiday in Kusadasi, the Dilek Peninsula National Park – is the best place for a family holiday in the region. On this place you will indicate any local resident, if you ask them about the beach and sea.

Lake Egirdir (turk. Lake Eğirdir) – fourth in size and the second freshwater lake in Turkey. The lake of Egirdir 482 km2, length – 50 km, width – 15 km, and the average depth – 14 meters. The lake is located in Egirdir 185 km from Antalya, in the Taurus mountains at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level.

Salda Lake – the deepest and cleanest lake in Turkey. The depth of the lake 184 m, area – approximately 45 The lake is of volcanic origin and is located at the foot of the mountain Esler.

Nowadays Cape Gelidoniya became famous thanks to merchant vessel, that it sank in the late Bronze Age (approximately 1200 BC) and it was detected at a depth 27 meters only 1954. Among the finds was a ceramic Mycenaean age, refined copper, copper and tin ingots, as well as commercial scales.

Pamukkale – natural object, which includes 17 geothermal water temperature of 35 up to 100 degrees, as well as ponds with dazzling white terraces, formed of travertine (rich in calcium limestone).

Faces of Lykia in Myra (Demre, Antalya)

Kesik Minaret – is ruins of an ancient mosque and minaret, located in the Old Town (Kaleici) in the southern part.

Karain cave (Karain) – significant site and a place which every tourist wants to visit. The traces of inhabitation of ancient humans of the Middle Paleolithic Era (200-150 thousand years ago). It is situated in the mountains approximately 380 meters above sea-level.

Considering, that Perge was built on a plain, it is difficult to assess the actual size of the city, when you come to it. But as soon as you start to wander through the ruins, you understand, how large was the city – long street, high column, large hammams (Roman baths) with swimming pools, basilica, acropolis, necropolis and a water channel in the middle of the main street.

Oludeniz – blue paradise, a stellar place, a blue lagoon, and the most beautiful beach in Turkey. It's all about him, And all the names of this stunning places are absolutely true about it.

Patara - one of those cities of Lycia, which were of great importance for the development of the state as a whole.

We visited one of the beaches in Turkey, the fame of which has spread far beyond its borders – it was Kaputash.

It is known, that in the 2nd century BC. Olympos has its own coins, moreover,, it was one of six the most powerful cities of ancient Lycia.

The famous Lycian tombs , you can find at many places across the Antalya coast , and they are one of the most significant Turkish sights.