!!New fines for speeding on the roads in Turkey!!

According to two new Turkish President Decrees and changed the rules of registration of mobile phones in Turkey, vvezonnyh from abroad, and duty.

Many tourists, languidly resting in Turkey, forget about the terms of their legal stay in the country. What to do, if you exceed the period of visa-free stay in Turkey?

How and Where can pass technical inspection of the car in Antalya, in what sequence, and what to do, without wasting time – share personal experiences…

We offer you a unique collection of interesting information about Turkey and its inhabitants, which you may not know – 50 interesting facts about Turkey.

Homeless animals in Antalya, as they live in the city – all in our little video.

16 on July “at Antalya-Arena” in Antalya (Turkey) held a friendly match of world football stars. On the field will leave the most titled and simply the best of the best of world football: FABIO CAPELLO, JOSE MOURINHO, MARADONA, SAMUEL ETO'O, LIONEL MESSI, NEYMAR, DIDIER DROGBA, INIESTA, XAVI HERNANDEZ and other.

Completed the 2nd phase of the construction of a new link of rail line, which will transport passengers to the airport and the Expo in Antalya.

New rules for import private vehicles to Turkey: how long you can now import cars to Turkey and who can use the car with foreign license plates signs by the new rules?

In Antalya near Konyaalti first opened the best Turkish language courses TÖMER (TOMER). TOMER – is the only way for foreign nationals to obtain officially-recognized qualification in the knowledge of the Turkish language.

Many tourists when visiting the attractions in Turkey drew attention to the advertising cards – “Muzekat” and “Museum Pass”. But what is it and what they are – in fact, few people know.

In this article we will talk about the nuances and prioritization of operations with the purchase and registration of the car in Antalya (Turkey), as well as obtaining the license plate for him.

Turkey - a country of contrasts, bright emotions, tourists, movable endless desire to explore every corner of it. However, you should know, that in Turkey there are highways and roads, which must be paid. In this article you will find rates, as well as the methods of payment for travel on such highways.

The Mayor of Antalya, he held a press conference, which he introduced the audience a new multi-year project "Smart City" – the project includes a number of changes in the technological and information environment of the city.

If you need to legalize official documents, obtained in Turkey, in their country, they need to put a stamp “Apostille”.

There is a twenty-four-hour Tourism Call and Information Centre working for tourists in Antalya.. The telephone of the centre – 179.

Should I take a great first aid kit with you on vacation in Turkey? Lifesaving drugs you should have, of course, to, but in a lot of them just not worth taking.

The cost of drugs and medicines in Turkey, price comparison.

Consulate of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus in Antalya: address, phones and opening hours.

If you rent a car in Turkey, you must understand, that failure to comply with the elementary rules of the road in this country will take you to a meeting with the inspector of traffic police, or service, send a photo with your violations to the police. And trust, it will be a matter of time only.

How quickly rent a car for travel in Antalya – what need to do and where to go. What are the prices at the gas station in Antalya, especially driving a car in Antalya.

Antalya Airport is located within the city limits, but get out of it to any part of the Antalya on foot is unlikely to succeed. Variants are not so much – transfer, taxi or public transport.

Generally, many tourists come on holiday to Turkey with various gadgets and electronic devices, which need Internet access. If for any reason the Internet "not enough", then, for example, for tablets you can buy a special SIM-card with service provider. It is very easy. You must come to the office mobile operator Turkcell ("5M Migros" mall (big […]

On this page we we present a list of popular destinations, that you can visit with your child: aquapark, museums, playgrounds. All of this is located in the tourist area of ​​Antalya.

The Government of Turkey before the new tourist season has made a number of changes in requirements, that relate to the passports of visitors.

Due to changes in Turkish law to all owners of residential complexes, who give apartments for rent (including owners Cité Rose), will need to register every tourist police.

How to properly and efficiently to stay in touch with your phone in Turkey? The answer read on…

Antalya (turk. Antalya) - A resort in southern Turkey, the administrative center of the province of Antalya, Located at 30 meters above sea level between the ridges of the Taurus and the Mediterranean Sea. The city's population is approximately 1,5 million. persons, in summer – approximately 2 million. persons.

To, to fully enjoy the anticipation of future recreation, need to plan your flight.