Grill House Antalya – a new meat restaurant “premium class”, which located on the seafront in Konyaalti (Antalya). Great steaks – are only there )

Doganbey Koyu Karina Restaurant is located in an exceptional place – there in the delta of the rivers Great Menderes and Gediz lives 60% the entire population of pelicans (Dalmatian Pelican) of Turkey. This area is a nature reserve and is protected by all sorts of international conventions for the protection of wildlife.

If you stay in Alanya and you want to take a break from the sea, only the 10 km from Alanya there are a great place, where you can always eat well, swim in a mountain river and just have a good time.

Muhtarın Yeri Antalya – very unusual cafe. It is located on the shore of a mountain river in 15 km from Antalya.

As far back as 1970 the municipality of Antalya on the mountain height 618 meters was built a unique tourist center. What was and what will be there now?

“7 Mehmet” – one of the most beautiful and cozy restaurants in Konyaalti (Antalya) with sea views.

Aşiyan – this Turkish restaurant, Located on a hill with spectacular views of the mountains and Antalya, inside playing melodious music, burning fireplace in the middle of the hall, work smiling waiters.

Directly opposite the beach in Antalya is one quite interesting cafes. It differs from others, that is decorated in a rock-and-roll style, there always plays good music, work “fast” waiters and excellent cuisine.

In the port of Antalya (Liman), which is located in Konyaalty, among shipping containers have one interesting fish restaurant.

Kvass, cake “Napoleon”, “Prague”, “Muraveynik”, “Pigeon's milk”, dumplings with meat – that's the main difference between a cafe “Krem-Karamel” from other interesting and tasty cafe in Antalya (Antalya).

Delicious ice cream, cakes, pies and Turkish sweets

What is a Turkish breakfast? It is a wonderful local tradition to get the whole family together and go to the country in the morning of Saturday or Sunday to spend a pleasant time in a healthy way.