!!New fines for speeding on the roads in Turkey!!

According to two new Turkish President Decrees and changed the rules of registration of mobile phones in Turkey, vvezonnyh from abroad, and duty.

Many tourists, languidly resting in Turkey, forget about the terms of their legal stay in the country. What to do, if you exceed the period of visa-free stay in Turkey?

25-29 th of April 2018 will be held in Antalya International civilian airport the largest air show EURASIA AIRSHOW 2018.

Video compilation of the most popular and promising projects to develop infrastructure of Antalya (Turkey).

In Antalya 13 but 17 September last exhibition of the goods of Turkey – Fair the best products and goods from all over Turkey YÖREX Antalya 2017.

Turkey plans to use the Spanish experience in the modernization of tourism: in the next three years, increased attention will be paid to the construction of new apartments, small summer houses and boutique hotels instead of hotels "5 stars" and resorts.

Since the beginning of summer in Antalya region comes into effect a ban on drinking alcohol in public places. Read more…

In the district administration building Muratpaşa amazing exhibition opened in Antalya, dedicated to the world-famous inventions with Ukrainian roots. “50 inventions, bestowed by Ukraine to the world” – this is not just an exhibition, This unique stories about inventions, Ukrainians invented, which many do not even know.

We offer you a unique collection of interesting information about Turkey and its inhabitants, which you may not know – 50 interesting facts about Turkey.

4-5 February Belek passes Taekwondo European Championship (Olympic sport) among children. Event Organisation – on high, everything is very organized. Watch a video overview of the competition…

We offer you an overview of popular and interesting proposals for the lease of small apartments 1+1 in Antalya (Turkey). All apartments are located in Konyaalti, they are located in a different distance from the beach, have individual characteristics and, respectively, a price.

Antalya bus after 22.00 will stop at the request of the passengers in any suitable location.

Homeless animals in Antalya, as they live in the city – all in our little video.

Turkish authorities have engaged in the expansion of the Antalya Airport. This implies increase in the area of ​​all zones: aircraft service area, their temporary parking and the station for passengers. Read more…

16 on July “at Antalya-Arena” in Antalya (Turkey) held a friendly match of world football stars. On the field will leave the most titled and simply the best of the best of world football: FABIO CAPELLO, JOSE MOURINHO, MARADONA, SAMUEL ETO'O, LIONEL MESSI, NEYMAR, DIDIER DROGBA, INIESTA, XAVI HERNANDEZ and other.

Completed the 2nd phase of the construction of a new link of rail line, which will transport passengers to the airport and the Expo in Antalya.

21 August on the Mediterranean coast in Beach Park (Konyaalti‬, Antalya) pass the world famous and popular Indian festival of color HOLI FESTIVAL OF COLORS.

4-5 June unusual event took place in Antalya, near the building of the district administration Konyaalti – public holiday “Hobby”.

The Mayor of Antalya, he held a press conference, which he introduced the audience a new multi-year project "Smart City" – the project includes a number of changes in the technological and information environment of the city.

In 2015 in Turkey celebrate the 100th anniversary of the day of the battle of Gallipoli.

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