We buy fresh meat, fish and sausage in Antalya Arriving on vacation in Antalya, tourists can not decide on the purchase of such products, meat and fish. We decided to help them with this and to show, where the shops are and what products are out there…))) And so, the question, where better to buy fresh meat, fish and sausage in Antalya, […]

For our tourists we publish prices for basic foods in Antalya (2017 years).

Where can you buy delicious baklava for themselves and as gifts in Antalya? About a place with delicious baklava in Antalya, see our video… ))

Where can to buy fresh meat in Antalya, butcher Yaman Et, meat prices.

The map shows stores, banks, pharmacies, playgrounds, public bus stop, bakery, pastry shop, market.