Some medicines have a specific nomination in Turkish pharmacies. When you buy a Turkish medicine it is worth to know its name and the main active substances of the medicine you need.

Turkish counterparts drugsList of Turkish products, their purpose and their equivalents.


Minoset – paracetamol (Acamol capsules);
Minoset plus – paracetamol (Acamol capsules) and caffeine (in tablets);
Actifed – syrup for children used for respiratory diseases, doesn’t contain herbs and can be used for babies;
Aparanax, Apranax Forte – systemic effect anesthetic, Forte version is more active;
Advil Liqui-Gels – systemic effect anesthetic, capsules with gel;
Anestol – ointment with lidocain, light skin anesthetic;
Nurofen – intense anesthetic for slight pain;
Diklomek – capsules for strong pain;
Artril – anesthetic gel to embrocate on joints;
Voltaren Im Ampul – anesthetic in ampoules.


Dikloron jel – gel for pain in muscles, no warming effect;
Profenid jel – contains ketoprofen like the first option.


Buscopan – antispastic drug.


Calpol – paracetamol in syrup for children;
Paranox – anesthetic antifebrile suppository for children;
Aferin-forte – analgesic to treat flue;
Peditus – preventive treatment against flue for children;
Tytol – the drug has a high dose of paracetamol, it has a version for children.


Parol – palliative for headache which can be used by pregnant women;
Amvigran Film Tablet – remedy used in case of bilious blind headache.


Tylolhot – pulvis;
Deflu – tablets.


Tantum verde – antiseptic for throat (rinse);
Heksoral – antiseptic for throat (rinse);
Strepsis – lozenges;
Oroheks Plus – oral spray for sore throat;
Klorhex – antiseptic oral spray.


Asist – used for dilution of wetness prior to expectorant (syrup);
ASIST PLUS – pulvis;
Vicks vaposyrup – expectorant used for moist cough (syrup);
Sudafed or Peditus – for nasal and bronchus disease for children;
Bricanil, Perebron – for bronchial cough for children.


Rhinocort Aqua – nasal spray similar to Aquamaris;
Sterimar – Aquamaris.


Reflor – good remedy for diarrhea;
Ercefuryl – for diarrhea for babies (syrup);
Ors paketi – for sweat loss during diarrhea, pulvis.


Gliserin Kansuk Suppozituar – baby glycerin suppositories for constipation;
Eucabon – charcoal and herbal supplements;
Tatli Badem Yagi – sweet almond oil for baby constipation;
Duphalac – prescribed for constipation to regulate the action of the bowels, for hepatic encephalopathy, for medicinal softening of bowel movement in case of hemorrhoids, large bowel surgery. Duphalac is prohibited in case of galactosemia, intestinal obstruction, allergy to the components of the remedy.


Emedur – used in case of child vomit, if the disease is not connected with poisoning or infection, used for vomit without diarrhea (suppositories, injections);
Metpamid – used in case adult person vomits (syrup, tablets).


Ketoral – antifungal remedy for vulvovaginal candida desease, (tablets, suppositories, ointment);
Zolax – antifungal remedy for vulvovaginal candida desease (2 capsules);
Fluzole – antifungal remedy for vulvovaginal candida desease (capsules);
Candidin – antifungal remedy for vulvovaginal candida desease (capsules);
Urfamysin – for urinary system inflammation;
Majezik – good anesthetic especially in case of period;
Cipro – for cystitis;
Preven – for unplanned pregnancy, the remedy is active during the first 48 hours.


Rynset – for hay fever, rhinallergosis, skin itch;
Cetrin (tablets) – for hay fever, rhinallergosis, skin itch;
Avil (syrup) – for hay fever, rhinallergosis, skin itch;
Vicks Vapodry (syrup) – for allergic cough;
Sudafed – anti-allergic remedy for cough (syrup or tablets);
Deza sine – for optical allergy, conjuctivitis (drops);
Visine – for optical allergy, conjuctivitis (drops).


Otomisin – anti-inflammation drops for ears.


Calgeli – for baby teething, to rub gingival tissue;
Apranax – great remedy for toothache;
Disinol – clove extract for toothache.


Exocin – drops for eye infection;
Tobrased – drops for eye for children to clean the eyes;
Thilomaxine – drops for eye infection;
Terramycin – ointment for eye infection;
Alkon Tobrex dteril oftalmik pomad Exocin – for eye furuncle.


Fitokrem – antiseptic cream for wound healing;
Travazol – antifungal cream;
Batikon, Baktroban – ointment and antiseptic cream;
Tantum verde, Heksoral – oral rinse;
Klorex – oral spray;
Travazol krem – oral rinse, antifungal cream.


TERRAMYCIN – ointment for slight wounds, cuts;
HIPOKORT – ointment for neurodermatitis, dry tetter, seborrhea, baby dry tetter, psoriasis;
PSORKURTAN – ointment.


Iodine – Tentüriyot, Battikon
Hydrogen dioxide – Oksijenli Su
Manganese solution – PERMASOL
Ichthyol oitment – Ihtiyol;
Camphorated oil – Kafur yağ
Sea buckthorn oil – Çiçirgan yaği
Castor oil – Hint yağ
Boric acid solution – Borik asit solüsyonu
Mustard plasters – Yaki
Charcoal – Eucarbon


Acacia – Akasya
Everlasting flower – Altin Otu
Clusterberry – Folia Vitis idaea
Valerian – Valeriyan damlasi
Clove extract for toothache – Dişinol
Clove oil – Karanfil yağ
Mustard – Hardal
Elecampane – Andiz Kökü
Tutsan – Kilicotu, Sari Kantaron or Binbirdelik otu (Hypercium)
Goldenrod – Antibaşak Otu
Calendula – Aynisafa çiçeği
Oak bark – Aynisafa tentürü
Nettle – Isirgan out
Corn silk – Misir tepecikleri
Farfara – öksürük otu
Mint – Nane
Pelargonium extract for fever, cough, cold and fatigue – Pelargonium sidoides kökü sivi ektresi
Marigold – Aynisafa
Sea buckthorn oil – Çiçirgan yaği
Camomile – Papatya
Ashberry – üvez
Bird cherry – Kuşkirazi
Celandine – Kirlangiç otu
Sage – Adaçayi
Rose hips – Yaban gülü meyvesi, Kuşburnu

The article is based on the information from the free access forums dedicated to the medical service in Turkey.

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Text: Eugene Nazarenko