Is it worth to take a big medicine chest to Turkey for vacation? Of course, you should have the first aid medicine but there is no point to bring a lot of drugs with you.

The pharmaceutical industry in Turkey is fully regulated by the government and this sphere is strictly controlled. Moreover, besides local production of medicine there are many factories belonging to the international companies which produce brand remedies. All the remedies in Turkey are of high quality and they really do their job. The main thing is the price which are lower than the same products in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia). There are many people who buy local medicine to bring them home.

Comparison of prices for drugs for various diseases.

Otrivine is a nasal spray produced by “Novatris”, the producer, the volume and the exposure are the same.
This remedy costs $2 in Turkey, $4.5 in Ukraine, $5 in Belarus and 4$ in Russia. So, it is twice cheaper in Turkey!

The cost of drugs and medicines in Turkey , the prices and compare

Progestan is a hormonal remedy prescribed for maintenance of pregnancy which is based on the natural progesterone. In Turkey 30 capsules 200 mg each cost $13 (one capsule is 43 cents). In Ukraine 14 capsules cost $27 and 1 capsule is $2. The medicine is Turkey is 5 times cheaper!

The cost of drugs and medicines in Turkey , the prices and compare

Solian is a narcoleptic medicine which requires constant administration. In Turkey 30 tablets cost $14 (one tablet is 40 cents). In Ukraine 10 tablets cost $24 (1 tablet is $2,4). The medicine in Turkey is 6 times cheaper!

As you see, the pharmaceutical drugs in Turkey are cheap and high quality products.

The list of the Turkish pharmaceutical drugs and their equivalents are here.

Text: Eugene Nazarenko