The blue flag fluttering over a beach is an international quality mark which is put at many beaches in Antalya.

Blue Flag beaches of Antalya Antalya

The International Foundation of Environmental Education established this mark and assigns it to the beaches and yacht quays which have absolutely clean and safe shore. The water at these places is strictly controlled and swimming here is absolutely safe even for the smallest children.

Antalya has always been an attractive touristic destination in the South of Turkey and it has more beaches assigned with the Blue flag than any other country in the world. Local authorities try to do their best to preserve and support the high quality standard of the beaches and quays and to enlarge the amount of the ecologically safe areas along the coast.
Blue Flag beaches of Antalya Antalya

As the manager of the local department of the Blue Flag Organization in Antalya has said, the tourists visiting the Turkish sea shore pay much attention to cleanness and environment of the beaches. The travel agents promoting Turkey at the international tourism market are also considering the resorts marked by the International Foundation of Environmental Education as the first destinations to go for vacation for their clients.

The beach and quays are thoroughly checked and controlled according to sanitation and epidemiological standards before they are assigned the environmental certificate. The cleanness of the water is proved by testing and then the beach can be awarded the Blue flag. Nevertheless, after the environmental certificate is assigned they don`t stop to control and check the quality of water and surrounding territory. If sanitation and epidemiological standards are not followed, the beach can lose the status of an ecologically clean area.

Text: Jevgeniy Nazarenko