Import Private Vehicles to TurkeyIn the autumn 2015 rules for vehicle location have been changed with foreign number signs in Turkey. Before that foreigners were given the right to use foreign vehicles for personal use within six months, after the adoption of the Resolution in October 2015 this period has been increased up to two years.

Import Private Vehicles to Turkey – main questions.

Who can use vehicles with foreign number signs?

All foreign citizens have the right to import to Turkey personal transport, ho have lived in this country for at least 185 days from the last year.

What documents are required for import private vehicles to Turkey?

For entry and exit from Turkey will need a certificate of ownership of the car, insurance policy, passport of owner and his pension certificate (if present), translated into Turkish and notarized at the Consulate. At entrance to Turkey and away from it is not required to pay anything.

What are the sanctions in case of violation tenure cars?

The law provides for a penalty in the case, if the vehicle will stay in the country for more than two years. Moreover, vehicle can withdraw customs (Articles 341, 238 of Codex).

Is it possible to transmit control of the car to other persons?

Customs legislation of Turkey basically does not provide for the sale or transmit property which were imported into Turkey. But interim control vehicles can be transmitted:
– Husband / Wife;
– Child or parent, if the owner is in the country through a residence permit;
– Third parties in exceptional cases, but the owner in this case must be in car as a passenger.

Is it possible to take out vehicle from Turkey, without being the owner (by proxy)?

Yes, law allows it, if the vehicle has previously been imported into the country through a residence permit. The action of the Customs Code in this case applies to cars, whose owners are on the territory of another country.

Where to park the car upon departure from Turkey?

Those who are in Turkey for a residence permit for temporary departure from the country are required to leave the customs service vehicles.