Medical tourism in TurkeyAccording to the latest reports TURSAB, Turkey receives more 2,5 billions of dollars in annual revenue the development of medical tourism. This was made possible thanks to the, in recent 15 years were spent large-scale health care reform. During the reform of the huge financial and legislative support received as private, and public clinics. Now they are able to provide a substantial range of services to foreign nationals, coming to Turkey for treatment.

Medical tourism in Turkey - It not only directly hospital stays. It covers an extensive list of procedures. Some clients come to carry out operations, are impossible in their country, others need rehabilitation treatment. The climate in Turkey, its hot springs, sea ​​air, mud - all important factors in the formation of spa resorts. They, in its turn, They allow you to take in the treatment of pensioners, the disabled, those with respiratory problems apparatus and cardiovascular. Similar sanatorium is preferably carried out prevention of exacerbations of chronic diseases, as well as reduce the manifestation of symptoms.

Tourists, coming to Turkey to get medical services, spending by 2 up to 12 thousands of dollars on wellness treatments - this is a significant contribution to the formation of foreign exchange reserves of the country. Moreover, choosing for the treatment of the popular tourist spots, they also fill the budget through the use of urban infrastructure: visit museums, cafe, travel by public transport.

According to statistics, tourists, arriving in the country for treatment, more often choose Antalya (OK. 87 000 per year) and Istanbul (OK. 65 000 per year). It is assumed, In the coming years, these figures will increase. According to the forecasts, already in 2017 , the country's income from medical tourism make 8 billion. To do this already attracted the investment is, which will contribute to the further development of the sphere of health care and will allow to generate new jobs.