Many tourists when visiting the attractions in Turkey drew attention to the advertising cards – “Muzekat” and “Museum Pass“. But what is it and what they are – in fact, few people know.

And so, What are the cards Muzekat and Museum Pass?

Museums Card Muzekat and Museum Pass – great opportunity to visit all of the most popular museums throughout Turkey, which are under the patronage of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, for a small sum and without queues.

And so, Muzekat is 2 types:
Muzekat. It is blue and price - 40 TL (visiting each museum from the list - 2 visits in a year)
Muzekat +. It is brown – 50 TL (number of visits to each museum from list not limited during a year).

muzekart-50 muzekart-40








Buy cards Muzekat you can in any museum, but we must remember, they are registered (on the card will be applied to your photo, scanned from the passport) and they are made there in 5 minutes.

The main requirement for the acquisition of such a card – residence permit with the presentation of a passport or citizenship Turkey. The card is valid – 1 year from the date of its purchase.

Museums Card Museum Pass – cards with limited capacity and focus on a specific region (very popular in Istanbul, Cappadocia). You can also buy them at the box office in museums.

The main differences from the Museum Pass card is Muzekat:
– any foreigner can buy (A residence permit is not required)
– the validity is limited (from 48 hours before 15 days)
– Price varies from 45 up to 105 TL

museum-pass-istambul museum-pass-cappadocia

museum-pass-izmir museum-pass-Mediterranean


Any museum card can be ordered in advance online and

Text: Evgeny Nazarenko