If you rent a car in Turkey you should carefully follow the local traffic rules as any violation will lead to the meeting with the police officer or sending police photos proving the violation act by special service.

Traffic police in TurkeyToday I have received a call from the office “Famous Rent a Car” which provided me the car. They have told me that there is the traffic citation for my car. I could hardly understand where and how I broke the law. As police didn’t stop me and I always drive carefully. And here I am with traffic citation in Turkey.

As it turned I received the traffic citation for 60 TRY (29 USD) for the wrong parking. Well, it was true as I was searching for the place to park by the beach and left the car under the sign prohibiting parking. I didn’t find any notification on the windscreen because the police officer made a photo of my car and didn’t leave any notice for me.

I had two options to pay the ticket. I can go to the office “Famous Rent a Car” which is located in the airport of Antalya or the sum will be charged from my credit card. When you rent a car you have to fill in the number of your credit card. I have chosen to pay it by credit card and in 5 minutes I got the message proving that the sum had been charged. The receipt will be sent to me after I give the car back to the agency. If you pay your ticket within 15 days you will get a 25% discount from the main sum. If I hadn’t done it, my parking would cost 80 TRY!

The most popular types of traffic citation in Turkey:

– Drink drive – $300 (if the driver is arrested for the first time);
– Non-observance of the marking and signs – $35;
– Not letting a pedestrian to pass – $150;
– Red-light running – $75;
– Speeding from 10% up to 30% – $75, more than 30% – $150;
– Parking violation – $35;
– Illegal parking on the place reserved for the disabled – $70;
– Driving without driving license – $75.

Also I want to remark, that all the major crossroads are equipped with camera which record violation acts, and I recommend you to follow the rules. Hit the Turkish roads and good luck 🙂

Text: Eugene Nazarenko