If you take to Antalya your mobile phone which was purchased beyond Turkey, the telephone must be registered. It can’t be used with a local SIM-card without registration as the provider blocks the unregistered telephone within several days in order to prevent the usage of illegal stolen phones. The procedure is a bit troublesome but is allows you to use your phone and a local number legally without blocking.

How to Register Your Mobile Phone in Antalya? Instruction.

1. The main condition is the following: you should register your phone within 30 days after you come to Turkey and you must have residence permit.

2. You should pay a taxation fee in the taxation office (Vergi Dairisi, ground floor, serving-hatch №8). You should show the inspector your passport or ID and your gadget. If you possess the residence permit, you can pay this taxation fee at any bank having shown your residence permit and taxation number. The officer will note the number IMEI of your telephone and register it in the receipt. Check if the officer writes this number in a right way. Then your telephone will be registered according to this number and it will be connected to the SIM-card.

3. 3) In the post office (PTT) you need to buy an envelope with a password to enter the state system turkiye.gov.tr . In this system, you must register your phone yourself (all services are in Turkish).

The cost of the whole procedure is 582 TL.
– taxation fee – 500 TL
– registration – 2 TL (PTT)
– SIM-card 50 TL
– start package – 30 TL (you can launch the package you need from the very beginning)

The package with 3 GB and 500 minutes for talks costs 40 TL per month.

You should know that your telephone will work with one SIM-card only after the registration.

The location of the taxation office, police office for foreigners and the “MarkAntalya” mall.

Text: Eugene Nazarenko