It is extremely easy to rent a car in Turkey.

First you should decide which car you are going to rent. Let’s answer the following questions to make a proper decision:

1. How many passengers are going to be?
2. How much luggage are you going to transport?
3. What change gearbox do you prefer? Do you like self shifting gearbox or mechanical transmission?
4. What type of propellant do you need? Diesel or petrol?
5. How many days are you renting a car for?

You can rent a car at any “Rent a car” office in the city or via websites providing car rent. The prices on the websites are lower than the offers in the offices. The price for the midrange saloon car in the office is about 40-50 EUR per 24 h while the cost of the same car on the website can be twice cheaper. The prices are the same during summer and the average cost varies from 30 to 40 EUR.

Car rental office

The registration process is fast enough. You have to provide your international driving license, passport or ID and credit card. You have to be 20 year old.

The agent fills in a car rent form with your personal data taken from the passport or ID, the driving license and the credit card. The money on your account are not blocked. Than the agent check the car for any damages and gives you the keys. The car is guaranteed against theft and damages. But it is better to clarify concerning light damages. The car has no kilometer performance limitation. The rent period can vary from 2 days to a year. The longer is the period, the lower is the price.

You should remember that a car is not added when you rent it and you should go first to a petrol station. There are many petrol stations in Antalya and staff is always friendly and helpful even at night.

Gas station in Antalya

Mentioning the prices for fuel in Turkey I would say that they are quite high. One liter of diesel oil is about $2 and a liter of petrol is $2,4.

Gas station in Antalya

In conclusion some driving peculiarities should be mentioned. Actually, they don’t let the pedestrians pass and show turning. If they blink with dimmers, they want you to give the road.

At the beginning of our vacation we rented diesel RENAULT CLIO SYNBOL of 2010 for 22 EUR per day for a long period. This car will cost 27 EUR per day for long term in July as this type of car is popular.

Rent a car in Antalya - a personal experience

Then we took another car – diesel RENAULT SYMBOL of 2013 for 25 EUR per day!

Rent a car in Antalya - a personal experience

Having analyzed the prices for car rent in various offices, we are happy to provide our clients with a list with different cars on our webpage CAR RENT.

Text: Eugene Nazarenko