The easiest option registration Residence permit in Turkey It is a tourist residence permit or a residence permit on the basis of lease.

Registration of residence permit in Turkey is to start about a week before the end of the visa period of stay (Ukraine and Russia – 60 days, Belarus - 30 days).

1. We need to take photos for all, who will be to issue a residence permit, including children. For example, in Liman photolab is for a park with matryoshkas. Photos per person there costs 15 TL. Workers say "photo for Ikamet", you get a printed version, and in addition you need to safe all the photos in USB-flash (its importent).

2. We must go to the Tax-office (look at. on the map), on 2 floor to find a window with the inscription Tax Numbers, give the tax employee all passports, who will draws up a residence permit, and get back the passports and tax numbers. Take a picture of yourself in case of loss, an important doc, enough to know only the number.

3. For all adults need take out insurance to private insurance office. We recommend three insurance companies - Ankara Sigorta, Gunesh or Alliance. Child insurance is not mandatory, but you can be arranged for children separately or even a family package (then give a decent discount). If you have questions regarding insurance registration - write to us, we will help to you (all advice are free).

Rates of Gunesh in December 2015 are:
from 0 up to 5 years - 410 TL;
– 6-18: 391,5 TL
– 19-25: 355,5 TL
– 26-35: 468 TL
– 36-40: 526,5 TL
– 41-45: 693 TL
– 46-50: 711 TL
– 51-55: 963 TL
– 56-60: 1.129,5 TL
– 61-64: 1.822,5 TL

Rates Ankara Sigorta and Alliance are same for the price, but to be specified at the time of your treatment, where any discounts and that the issue would be more profitable. This insurance are just about the same.

4. The next step - filling in the questionnaire online by Simply will be fill in English. First, choose Short Term, then choose available date of your future rendezvous in the Department of Immigration, fill questionnaire for each, who applied for residence permit, including children, load in the form photos from a flash drive. After filling out the questionnaire, you will receive a link to download the finished profiles, it should be required to download, save and print. If you have any questions about completing the questionnaire - write to us, we will help to you. All advice we give to our customers for free.

It is important to take into account the, in that case, if you want to leave the country after completing the questionnaire and to obtain a residence permit card, it can only do so for up to 14 day and only after the rendezvous. And you need to get out in the paper Goc Idaresi (Department of Immigration in Police) with your photo and stamp, which will be given to you after checking all of your documents for residence permit, as well as pay for the card 55TL, tax (353TL – for Ukraine) and the fee for a residence permit (for a citizen of the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova – $80, Belarus – $36, For Russia – $23, children – 50%). After paying the fees required to make copies of all receipts for yourself, they need when you will leave from Turkey before obtain a residence permit card. From the moment of filling the questionnaire and to leave the country can not be a rendezvous.

5. Next stage aboutformlenie residence permit in Turkey - You need to open a bank account (from the second year of residence in Turkey), for example, in Ziraat Bank, put on account 6000 dollars for each adult and take a statement about the amount in your account. For opening an account you will be need your passport, and your tax number, produced in Turkey. For family you can open a joint account. You do not need to show the amount for children.

6. Next you need to notarize your lease (about 120 TL).

7. Birth certificates of children, as well as a marriage certificate should be apostille (original), plus they have to be translated into Turkish and notarized (Each translation costs around 40 TL, assurance about 100).

8. If the residence permit is issued only one parent, the children need a power of attorney from the other parent about, that he had no objection to a residence permit in Turkey for a child. If the power of attorney is not framed in Turkey, you should do her translation and assure him of a notary.

For rendezvous you must have all documents, namely:
1. Questionnaire, which you printed from the site Goc Idaresi, already filled with photos, and you loaded.
2. 4 (four) photos for each family member.
3. The lease on the property, certified by a notary and Tapu him from owner.
4. Insurance policies for one year for adult (from 18 years).
5. For children - birth certificate, translated into Turkish, attested by a notary, as well as power of attorney (if necessary).
6. Also may require a marriage certificate, attested by a notary with translation.
7. Statement from the bank account (6000 dollars for each adult).
8. Copy of the passport (the first page and the page, where there is a stamp of the last entry to Turkey).
9. Receipt of payment of fees (they can be paid at the register in front of the rendezvous).

At the rendezvous will check your documents, asked a few simple questions about, what are going to do in Turkey for a year and, if all the documents will be good, OK, and you will go to home to expect SMS, that the residence permit card is ready. After receiving the SMS you can get in the post office PTT (in Konyaalty PTT is near the 5M Migros), or you need to wait, while the courier will bring it to your home.

After receiving the card for 20 days should contact the Nufus, where you will be registered at the place of residence, and after - to your neighborhood Mukhtar, for registration (like a dispensation).

It is important to note, if you are out in the country more 120 days in the year - residence permit canceled.

Location map of the Tax Inspectorate, Police work with foreigners and Nufus in Antalya (Turkey)

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