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Apartment Turkey
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by Tatiana on Apartment Turkey
From Minsk to Antalya

We arrived in Turkey for the whole of October - it was magical. I did not think before, I can live for a month in one place and do not miss. In Minsk, already cold, and here we enjoyed the warmth and beauty - here the incredible sunrises and sunsets, and the sea - it is generally just enjoying. According to the economic part of the simple: We rented an apartment through Leroux, she helped with the selection, all told. I have long wondered - and all received responses (Sometimes I'm boring!). The result - no differences in a series of "hope - reality". I saw the same apartment, as in the photo. The same yard with a swimming pool. The same conditions. market close, shops, too - this was sorted out quickly. Interestingly, I am now at home and introduced the same rule - plan a meal for a week, I write a list and purchase products at once ... And before randomly buying every day. So Turkish autumn leaves made in my life and the changes are here. Definitely go further, Thank you for your vacation!

by Anna, Andrew and children on Apartment Turkey
rest in autumn

We came to Turkey in this format (with three children) for the first time. Junior - just crumbs, I experienced, how transfer will take place, the road - drove the car from Kiev. All were satisfied, rode slowly, We stayed on the road for two nights. We arrived in Antalya - and like home! We were surrounded by care, quickly showed all-told, They assist the Council and simple, when it was necessary to support the. Rest - a separate pleasure. little people, weather chudnaya, sea ​​is warm! What delicious fruit and vegetables! Quite a different taste, in our supermarkets pale shadows. We particularly did not go anywhere - just a walk with the kids to the water park, as well - walking around the city, We are hanging out in the park - how cool everything done, for children - a paradise. Lera has helped not only to the apartment - so the right information received, Now all I recommend - not Ride in the "all inklyuziva", this format is much more pleasant. Live at their own pace, no one does not depend, apartment beautiful - we lived on the first floor, children are always visible! Pool directly in the complex - happiness! Overall I am very happy, thank, Leroy and Eugene! Wait for us in the next year.

by Ariel on Apartment Turkey

Hello everyone! Tell us about your holiday in the autumn 2019 year! I must say - happy with a hundred)) Cons were not! Apartment rented through Leroux Bezlepkin. Also all information support was - where to buy it, much better to go. I wanted, that is not hot it was - had plans to travel around the country. Did excursion with Leroy - all planned so, I'm three weeks time to see, have a swim, polentyaynichat on the beach. In general, all managed! The weather did not disappoint, simply amazing autumn! Already I am planning to come next year, just want a little longer, work benefit allows)) And maybe the winter zamahnus =)

by Ivan and Antonina Kravtsova on Apartment Turkey

Go to Turkey we have dreamed for a long time, but "all inclusive" for some reason we are not impressed. We eat a little, many walk, and the hotel does not like to sit. As a result, quite by chance learned, that there is such an opportunity - to book an apartment in a residential complex. first doubts. But then once - and dare. What we liked - full freedom. Want - sleeping, We want to - go to the water park. Surprisingly comfortable and appeared with the food - we're not fans of meat, and the fish here was quite expensive - we coped wonderfully with vegetables, fruit, eggs and kislomolochkoy. fresh produce, Delicious! Thank U, Turkey! come again!

by Anna on Apartment Turkey

I was in Turkey many times, but now re-opened its. Although, it came with two children, I rested for one hundred percent!!! beach beautiful, entrance to the sea, too. The children were busy all the time - there is such a get-together! Fruits and vegetables are excellent! Did not even notice, that cooked during the holiday. I would also like to say that, Lera that always comes to the rescue, when I had questions. well-rested, I did not expect. The allocated budget was enclosed, also very pleased - cost vacation much cheaper standard 5 stars, and feels much better!

by Irina and Andrei Severinova on Apartment Turkey

We arrived on a tip from friends. They go for three years and terribly pleased, we do not imagine a holiday format - always toured. But they dare to - so much praised friends. We booked an apartment in the complex Cité Rose, arrived. At first, everything was a novelty. Food must be prepared, Food to go. Your pool - cool. sea ​​great. We went for a month, a week fully disbursed, as though there had always lived. As a result, we were very satisfied - neither of whom were independent, meals planned purely for themselves. Enjoy your holiday - and the beach, and excursions. Satisfied with Lery participation and Genis in our holiday. Be sure to go yet!!! And friends seize!!!

by Oleg on Apartment Turkey

In Turkey, the first time with his family went. And once a month.

There was some bias towards the most Turkey. It turned, it is still biased.

remarkably here. Mediterranean Sea, mountains, an average day + 15 ° C in January! The Turks are very friendly. The atmosphere is comfortable, for recreation, and for life.

Apartments were satisfied and my wife, and our children (6 and 14 years). Very pleased with the internet! It was important for us.

Many thanks guys, Lere and Women. If they do not, we would not have gone. Attitude was most welcome. Not one of our question was left unanswered. Little of. They showed us, advised, told, carried. Therefore, we quickly got used. We did not want to leave) will return more.

by family Karas on Apartment Turkey
Site Rose 1, July 2017 (Liman, Konyaalti, Antalya)

Our vacation at sea, we started planning this winter. A few years ago we were in Antalya, in the complex Cité Rose and were very satisfied. This year we decided to repeat our successful experience and asked for help to Lere Bezlepkinoy. Back in the spring have booked apartments, and at work, and other trips, time passed very quickly.

And finally ur-ah, we are in Antalya!

Our apartment was large and bright, with all the necessities of life. And there are two bathrooms in the apartment - this is a gift. In the yard was large and clean pool, sunbeds around and barbecue area.

Just imagine: in the evening in the yard going "interest clubs", children play their games, adults prepare meals on the barbecue and dine in the courtyard. In this case, no noise and does not interfere with the rest of the. Let go of the child in the yard and all, you can not worry. Just do not forget to pick up the child began to play home for the night.

Courtyard in the complex over the years has become even more green and cozy, alone banana thickets which are. Oranges and pomegranates, a variety of colors, Even on the hottest day provide shade.

The sea was incomparable - plus 28-30))) Since I love.

We were planning to go to Turkey by car, but then circumstances changed and we arrived by plane. At first very upset, that we can not see almost nothing without a car. But thanks to Genet and Leray we were in fabulous meesta, such as Turkish breakfasts, which take place in a village near Antalya. It was an interesting experience - a completely different worldview and approach to food culture. Thank U!

when you arrive, do not miss the chance to visit in the clouds . In April, it opened the cable car on a nearby hill, and we went there with the whole family. It was a complete delight, definitely recommend to visit.

And do not forget to visit the market, become part of the local cuisine - Mnyam Mnyam!

Vacation flew as one day and here we are at home, where the rain and temperature plus 14(((

When rasstaoshsya with friends and leave the place as bright sad. A huge thank you relatives, for all the care and assistance, openness and friendship, you gave us!

A short video about our vacation HERE.

Our vacation in Antalya

by another on Apartment Turkey

Dearly love Turkey for its sun, warm sea, hospitality of the locals and the many interesting places, Seen that perfectly dilute the traditional beach holiday, and will leave unforgettable impressions. This year we decided to see the ancient Aspendos, waterfall Dюden (or düden waterfalls?) and at the same time look at EXPO 2016, which just goes in Antalya. The Truth, we were a bit hasty, I decided to visit it all in one day, because only with a waterfall +/- you can predict the time (by the way, there are the Upper and Lower Falls), but at the exhibition could be held perfectly all day. And it's not just Aspendos Theater, by the way is very beautiful theater, but the ruins of the ancient city, which deserve special attention, and if you like all sorts of ruins, It will take a lot of time. And all the time we just was not enough, next time we will plan more rationally local tours. Organize the journey of our rich (determine the choice of seats and order a car with driver) Jack helped us, for which many thanks to him. We are pleased to make use of its services, and the next time. And, I think, if we decide to stay in apartments (usually we have a rest in hotels) and turned to his wife and his wife Lera for help in placing.

by Elena on Apartment Turkey
Site Rose 1 (Antalya)

This is a subjective, to some extent, recall. Or even review, because, when you go and you know, you're not alone, that there are people, which will support and help, if needed, this happiness. I travel to Antalya, in Cite Rose, second time. To Turkey, to sea, the sun, air, fruits, k Lere and Women. You can write a lot of words and about the beautiful country and about the lovely family, who lives there, but all of these words are poor compared with reality. If you wish for- truly relax, to see and know the country inside, not tourist image, otherwise, what and how people live, see interesting places (and in Turkey, there are many, trust)- come! These guys- Jack and Leroy, will help you to discover new, remarkable. You will see the sunrises and sunsets, mountains, sea, try unrealistic delicious Turkish cuisine, go to the Turkish bazaar, and then, themselves, the house, cook on the grill freshly caught fish, well, or lamb chops, washed down with all this ice local wine ... Source, We end our vacation, and they do not want to leave. What is not seen, not tasted, how many more places, where you want to go back. This means, Turkey, friends, we do not say goodbye, and we say goodbye!

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