Many tourists, languidly resting in Turkey, forget about the terms of their legal stay in the country. Yes, visa-free stay with the Turkish term for people of different countries have long established (Belarus – 30 days, Russia – 60 days, Ukraine – 90 days) and upon departure from Turkey on the border guards check everything carefully ))

What to do, if you exceed the period of visa-free stay in Turkey?

First of all (And this is the main point) be in possession of the Turkish lira in cash to pay a fine at the airport.
If you pay the fine immediately, the consequences of no!
Well, if you do not pay the penalty, you put deported to be entered into the system 5 years!

How to calculate the amount of the fine?

The calculation is simple: visa fees + Residence permit card cost + amount of the fine for the first month + each additional month of delay.
For example, in case of delay to 1 month, Belarusians and Ukrainians pay 530TL + 50$, and the Russians – 72TL+ 14$.

Table amount for visa violations in Turkey for different countries

The penalty for late payment of visa-free period in Turkey
source: Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs –