Smart City Project (Antalya, Turkey)
Menderes Turel, the Mayor of the city of Antalya, he held a press conference, which introduced a new audience multi-year project "Smart City". Designed together with the company «Türk Telekom», the project includes a number of changes in the technological and information environment of the city.

Among the most popular solutions - installation of "smart" traffic lights at intersections. They will regulate the movement with the busy streets, and to organize the smooth movement of vehicles of emergency services.

Significantly increase the level of comfort and public transport. In particular, using mobile phone, passengers will be able to track the location of buses, recognize arrival at the desired station, count time on the road.

Under the new program, monitoring of pensioners and patients, who are being treated at home, It will be carried out remotely. They will have regular contact with the doctor and a special system for emergency ambulance.

Many of the improvements will affect the tourism sector and. Tourists want to organize electronic information support on several popular languages.

Also will do 8 Wi-Fi-zone in the center and on the beaches.

Such projects have been implemented in London, Dubai and Barcelona.