Mamure Castle – one of the best preserved Crusader castles on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey.

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Gemiler island – this place, it is very popular among tourists not only for its natural beauty, but and his history, which closely related to the life of St.Nicholas.

Sapadere Canyon in winter, especially after a brief rain – is not easy raging stream of the mountain river, it's all the power and beauty of nature in one place.

Rodiapolis – the ancient city near the Kumluca (Antalya). It was founded by colonists from Rhodes in VIII century BC and named after their historical homeland. First discovered who founded and began to study Rodiapolis was the Austrian archaeologists, they started in 19 century, but it was somehow forgotten for a long time. And only after a forest fire, what happened in 2000 year, antique city was again found.

Zip Zip Park is considered one of the biggest trampoline parks for children in Europe. And favorite place of children in Antalya.

Milet – ancient Greek city, it went down in history as one of the oldest cities with a high cultural level, development of trade relations on a par with Ephesus and Troy. In Miletus he lived and worked the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, laid the foundations of Greek culture and statehood, as well as the European science in general, "Father of philosophy" Phales of Mileth.

History of Bodrum Castle has begun long before its foundation – it was created from the ruins of the Mausoleum of Mausolus, who was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, He served as the main structure of the Order of St. John, bore the name of St. Peter, He participated in many historical events, He managed to survive, and now a wonderful museum uzhedshih ages.

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Doganbey (Doganbey Koyu) – a unique eco-village, which appreciate clean air and quiet. In this village on the houses can be found the inscription “Please, respect our silence”.

Zeus Cave – a unique karst cave at the foot of Mount Samsun before entering the National Park in Dilek 28 km from Kushadas.

Doganbey Koyu Karina Restaurant is located in an exceptional place – there in the delta of the rivers Great Menderes and Gediz lives 60% the entire population of pelicans (Dalmatian Pelican) of Turkey. This area is a nature reserve and is protected by all sorts of international conventions for the protection of wildlife.

If you stay in Alanya and you want to take a break from the sea, only the 10 km from Alanya there are a great place, where you can always eat well, swim in a mountain river and just have a good time.

Lake Egirdir (turk. Lake Eğirdir) – fourth in size and the second freshwater lake in Turkey. The lake of Egirdir 482 km2, length – 50 km, width – 15 km, and the average depth – 14 meters. The lake is located in Egirdir 185 km from Antalya, in the Taurus mountains at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level.

Karacaoren Baraji – reservoir area 45 km2, built in 1977-1990 years in the mountains on the Aksu River for irrigation of soils, flood control, and generation of electricity. Ещё в водоёме разводят рыб 🙂

16 on July “at Antalya-Arena” in Antalya (Turkey) held a friendly match of world football stars. On the field will leave the most titled and simply the best of the best of world football: FABIO CAPELLO, JOSE MOURINHO, MARADONA, SAMUEL ETO'O, LIONEL MESSI, NEYMAR, DIDIER DROGBA, INIESTA, XAVI HERNANDEZ and other.

21 August on the Mediterranean coast in Beach Park (Konyaalti‬, Antalya) pass the world famous and popular Indian festival of color HOLI FESTIVAL OF COLORS.

Salda Lake – the deepest and cleanest lake in Turkey. The depth of the lake 184 m, area – approximately 45 The lake is of volcanic origin and is located at the foot of the mountain Esler.

The length of the canyon – 14 km, width – up to 6 m, height – up to 350 m. Canyon can go only on foot and partly by swimming.

Chimera – mythical mountain with flames, watch photo report.

The heyday of Kusadasi began with “sunset” of Ephesus. In the Middle Ages (up to 15 AD) Kusadasi was the commercial center of Genoa and Venice republics. After zavaevaniya Ottoman Empire the city (1413 year) he became one of the central Ottoman port cities.

Datca – is a small, quiet and cozy resort town, located on the homonymous peninsula in 75 km from Marmaris. It is a popular place for divers, yachtsmen and elderly tourists from different countries. Ancient Greek geographer and historian Strabo (64-23 y. BC) in his works he wrote: “Him, whom the gods love, they send in Datca, so he lived a long time”.

Nowadays Cape Gelidoniya became famous thanks to merchant vessel, that it sank in the late Bronze Age (approximately 1200 BC) and it was detected at a depth 27 meters only 1954. Among the finds was a ceramic Mycenaean age, refined copper, copper and tin ingots, as well as commercial scales.

The most intresting, but also proved to be a difficult path to the observation platform. Height above sea level – 1200 m. Yes, in Termessos there is a place! The road starts from the column to the streets and stretches across an unforgettable southwest necropolis…

Efes – one of the most famous and popular monuments in Turkey in Asia Minor, whose history begins in the 10 BC. and it ends in the 15 AD. His fame is obliged to Ephesus the cult of Artemis, the Greek goddess of fertility, in honor of which was built the temple – one of the seven wonders of the world, multiple mentions in the New Testament and the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

Kepez Park – It is another of the many parks in Antalya, where you can have a good time with family. A special feature of this park is, that it is on a hill and it offers beautiful views of Antalya.

Gemiler Bay – is another extraordinary place near Ölüdeniz and Fethiye. Opposite the bay is the island of the same name – Gemiler Island. This island has the second name – St. Nicholas. It is believed, that this place was the center of the spread of Christianity in this region of the Byzantine Empire.

Saklikent Canyon – the longest and deepest canyon in Turkey and the second of these parameters in Europe. It length is 18 km and the depth in some areas – up to 1 km.

Not far from Kemer, approximately 10 km to north of the city, in a small village is the ruins of the ancient Roman Kadrema (Gedelme) Castle.

Small reservoir Dojran (Doyran Göleti) located between Antalya and the ski resort Saklikent next to the highway.

Another interesting place for a family vacation in Antalya is Nashira Park.

Bay Korsan Koyu in Turkish language calls "The Pirate Bay". Korsan Koyu in 1 century BC was a haven for pirates of Cilicia. It was a real coastal pirate stronghold with a tower on the rocks.

Beach Park – an amazing polished place for relax with green lawns, plenty of cafes, playgrounds and clean beaches.

Korkuteli Reservoir (Korkuteli Baraji) is situated on the outskirts of Korkuteli town (50 km from Antalya, route D350). It was built for flood control and collection of mountain waters.

Guver Canyon или Guver Ucurumu – a natural canyon, it is situated 10 km from Antalya. The length of the canyon is 2 km, depth – 155 meters, width – 20-30 meters, and the age – approximately 1 million years.

There are only boutique hotels, and a small cottage village in this cozy valley. There is a small beach area with sun loungers under a canopy and pier.

Adrasan Bay has an absolutely unique location – sea from the one side, and there are mountains covered in forests from the others. There are different hotels, small cafes and restaurant with affordable prices between the sea and mountains.

Karain cave (Karain) – significant site and a place which every tourist wants to visit. The traces of inhabitation of ancient humans of the Middle Paleolithic Era (200-150 thousand years ago). It is situated in the mountains approximately 380 meters above sea-level.

Where to find, what price and what's interesting in the equestrian club "Orfe"

If you want to leave the city for a picnic, and fry the meat on the grill or just sit at a table and drink tea on the beach, then camping Kucuk Calticak – specifically for this.

Those who like and, want to learn horse riding on the racetrack or in the mountains, we strongly recommend a visit to Rancho "Burke" and Horse Club "Orphe".

Park of fairy tales (MASAL PARKI), Nashira Park, kids club ZIP-ZIP OYUN PARK, zoo – these are the places, which you must visit with children in Antalya.