Rodiapolis – the ancient city near the Kumluca (Antalya). It was founded by colonists from Rhodes in VIII century BC and named after their historical homeland. First discovered who founded and began to study Rodiapolis was the Austrian archaeologists, they started in 19 century, but it was somehow forgotten for a long time. And only after a forest fire, what happened in 2000 year, antique city was again found.

Nowadays Cape Gelidoniya became famous thanks to merchant vessel, that it sank in the late Bronze Age (approximately 1200 BC) and it was detected at a depth 27 meters only 1954. Among the finds was a ceramic Mycenaean age, refined copper, copper and tin ingots, as well as commercial scales.

Bay Korsan Koyu in Turkish language calls "The Pirate Bay". Korsan Koyu in 1 century BC was a haven for pirates of Cilicia. It was a real coastal pirate stronghold with a tower on the rocks.

There are only boutique hotels, and a small cottage village in this cozy valley. There is a small beach area with sun loungers under a canopy and pier.

Adrasan Bay has an absolutely unique location – sea from the one side, and there are mountains covered in forests from the others. There are different hotels, small cafes and restaurant with affordable prices between the sea and mountains.