Gemiler island – this place, it is very popular among tourists not only for its natural beauty, but and his history, which closely related to the life of St.Nicholas.

Map with the location of villas and apartments for rent in Fethiye

Gocek – it is a popular place for sailors from different countries of the world and a major center for yacht tourism in the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

From the historical Fethiye can find little – Lycian tombs rock, the ruins of the destroyed amphitheater and a medieval castle. However, it attracts tourists. Sunset – here's what can be safely called the most extraordinary in Fethiye.

Saklikent Canyon – the longest and deepest canyon in Turkey and the second of these parameters in Europe. It length is 18 km and the depth in some areas – up to 1 km.

Kayakoy – a ghost town and the open-air museum near Fethiye in Turkey, earlier it used to be a big Greek town with schools, churches, fountains and a large number of homes.