Ariassos was founded in the Hellenistic period 3 century BC. It lasted until 7 century BC. The city was well protected and had a strategic position, located at the intersection of transportation routes of southern Anatolia between Pisidia and Pamphylia.

Organization of tours and excursions to Turkey as part of a group, and on an individual route by order.

25-29 th of April 2018 will be held in Antalya International civilian airport the largest air show EURASIA AIRSHOW 2018.

Video compilation of the most popular and promising projects to develop infrastructure of Antalya (Turkey).

Ancient cities, turquoise beaches, the pirate bays and much more on our tours – individual tours in Antalya, Antalya region and its surroundings.

Peonies in the mountains of Antalya – this is reality. Only 20 km from the city in the mountains at an altitude of 1400 m is one wonderful place, where bloom these unusual flowers in April.

peonies (Peony) Antalya in the mountains - it is a reality. Only 20 km from Antalya in the mountains at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level, there is one wonderful place, where in April bloom unusual flowers - peonies.

In the district administration building Muratpaşa amazing exhibition opened in Antalya, dedicated to the world-famous inventions with Ukrainian roots. “50 inventions, bestowed by Ukraine to the world” – this is not just an exhibition, This unique stories about inventions, Ukrainians invented, which many do not even know.

We buy fresh meat, fish and sausage in Antalya Arriving on vacation in Antalya, tourists can not decide on the purchase of such products, meat and fish. We decided to help them with this and to show, where the shops are and what products are out there…))) And so, the question, where better to buy fresh meat, fish and sausage in Antalya, […]

We offer you the TOP-5 proposals for rent of spacious 3-bedroom apartments in Antalya (Turkey) in Konyaalti (Liman) near the beach.

Zip Zip Park is considered one of the biggest trampoline parks for children in Europe. And favorite place of children in Antalya.

How and Where can pass technical inspection of the car in Antalya, in what sequence, and what to do, without wasting time – share personal experiences…

Currently passes the action on the book apartments in two complexes, located in Liman (Konyaalti‬, Antalya, Turkey) on 2017 years!

4-5 February Belek passes Taekwondo European Championship (Olympic sport) among children. Event Organisation – on high, everything is very organized. Watch a video overview of the competition…

In Antalya many public sports centers, but this is the newest and best-equipped. This complex has almost all basic knitting sports. About, How does the Hall for sports in the Antalya sports center – in our video.

We offer you an overview of popular and interesting proposals for the lease of small apartments 1+1 in Antalya (Turkey). All apartments are located in Konyaalti, they are located in a different distance from the beach, have individual characteristics and, respectively, a price.

Where can you buy delicious baklava for themselves and as gifts in Antalya? About a place with delicious baklava in Antalya, see our video… ))

Antalya bus after 22.00 will stop at the request of the passengers in any suitable location.

Homeless animals in Antalya, as they live in the city – all in our little video.

Turkish authorities have engaged in the expansion of the Antalya Airport. This implies increase in the area of ​​all zones: aircraft service area, their temporary parking and the station for passengers. Read more…

Popular residences for the winter in Antalya (Turkey) near the sea, complex description, Prices for rental apartments in the winter in Antalya

Grill House Antalya – a new meat restaurant “premium class”, which located on the seafront in Konyaalti (Antalya). Great steaks – are only there )

Muhtarın Yeri Antalya – very unusual cafe. It is located on the shore of a mountain river in 15 km from Antalya.

Kargıcak-2 – a great area for a family holiday on the beach in Antalya.

16 on July “at Antalya-Arena” in Antalya (Turkey) held a friendly match of world football stars. On the field will leave the most titled and simply the best of the best of world football: FABIO CAPELLO, JOSE MOURINHO, MARADONA, SAMUEL ETO'O, LIONEL MESSI, NEYMAR, DIDIER DROGBA, INIESTA, XAVI HERNANDEZ and other.

Completed the 2nd phase of the construction of a new link of rail line, which will transport passengers to the airport and the Expo in Antalya.

21 August on the Mediterranean coast in Beach Park (Konyaalti‬, Antalya) pass the world famous and popular Indian festival of color HOLI FESTIVAL OF COLORS.

4-5 June unusual event took place in Antalya, near the building of the district administration Konyaalti – public holiday “Hobby”.

In EXPO 2016 in Antalya in addition to the popular Turkish singers are expected performances of world-class stars: STING, SCORPIONS, MUSE, DEEP PURPLE, MAROON 5, SEAN PAUL, JOSE CARRERAS, DJ DAVID GUETA and many others.

TerraCity – one of the best shopping centers of Antalya. At the moment, this multi-storey mall has more than 170 boutiques brands.

Ozdilek Park Antalya AVM - a very large shopping center in Antalya, consisting of four floors, large outdoor and underground parking.

The length of the canyon – 14 km, width – up to 6 m, height – up to 350 m. Canyon can go only on foot and partly by swimming.

Chimera – mythical mountain with flames, watch photo report.

Abandoned ancient city of Pamphylia, founded after the Trojan War by famous soothsayer Koolhaas on a high plateau (213 m altitude). Sillyon is located near Antalya between the ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos.

Open ticket sales for «EXPO-2016" in Antalya! They are easy to buy with the help of on-line service. When buying tickets to 15 March – price 10 TL. Read more…

Base prices for bookings of apartments in complexes on the Site Rose 2016 year has been reduced by 10%!
Besides, further savings are discounts for those, who comes again (from 5 up to 15%) and for early booking (5%)!

Not many tourists, who come on holiday to Antalya, know, that in the city center (in Old Town) is a temple Sv.Alipiya of Ecumenical Constantinople Patriarchate, whose doors are always open for Orthodox Christians.

Deepo Outlet Center – stock mall, in which throughout the year every day customers can purchase a variety of products with great discounts, and sometimes extend up to 70%.

It began booking of apartments in a quiet family complex 300 meters from the beach with breakfast “buffet breakfast” and with the ability to obtain discounts of up to 10%!

It began booking of apartments in a new complex in the area of ​​the hotel type Lyman (Konyaalti‬, Antalya) on 2016 year with the possibility to get a discount 25%!

Antalya Aquarium – is not only one of the biggest aquarium in the world, but also a great place for a family holiday.

The article describes in detail the procedure for a residence permit (Residence Permit) in Turkey, set the full list of required documents.

OPEN booking apartments type 1+1 in a complex Premium_Park_2 (Antalya, Turkey) on 2016 years!

The most intresting, but also proved to be a difficult path to the observation platform. Height above sea level – 1200 m. Yes, in Termessos there is a place! The road starts from the column to the streets and stretches across an unforgettable southwest necropolis…

Start booking apartments in the complex on the Site Rose for 2016 years – discount 5% When renting the apartment before the end of 2015 year!

In Antalya near Konyaalti first opened the best Turkish language courses TÖMER (TOMER). TOMER – is the only way for foreign nationals to obtain officially-recognized qualification in the knowledge of the Turkish language.

In this article we will talk about the nuances and prioritization of operations with the purchase and registration of the car in Antalya (Turkey), as well as obtaining the license plate for him.

From the historical Fethiye can find little – Lycian tombs rock, the ruins of the destroyed amphitheater and a medieval castle. However, it attracts tourists. Sunset – here's what can be safely called the most extraordinary in Fethiye.

The Mayor of Antalya, he held a press conference, which he introduced the audience a new multi-year project "Smart City" – the project includes a number of changes in the technological and information environment of the city.

As far back as 1970 the municipality of Antalya on the mountain height 618 meters was built a unique tourist center. What was and what will be there now?

“7 Mehmet” – one of the most beautiful and cozy restaurants in Konyaalti (Antalya) with sea views.

Lowering prices for rental apartments in the Zumrut Residence (Konyaalti‬, Antalya)

On our site you can take advantage of car rental. For this you need to go to the page “Rent CAR” and complete the application form. It should be remembered, fuel prices in Turkey are among the highest in the world - about 1,9 euro per liter of gasoline and up 1,7 euro per liter of diesel fuel.

A taxi from the airport to the complex costs about 30 Euro. Transfer by car – 30 Euro. Minibus transfers to 14 persons – 70 Euro. All prices are in one direction. Public transport can be reached by bus №800 (Antalya Airport,). From the airport it departs every 2 hours. Bus ticket costs about 2 dollar (payment – driver).

If you stay in the vicinity of Alanya and want something “newcomer”, then dive center Scuba Turtle just for you. The dive center conducts various training courses with the issue of international certificates, which will provide an opportunity to dive with no beaches, a yacht in any country and look at the “another world”. For example, in Kas you can visit a unique wreck of the Ottoman […]

The map with the location of food markets by day for a week in Konyaalti (Antalya) (Antalya)

Lowering prices for rental apartments in the Riva Residence (Konyaalti‬, Antalya)

In addition to the waterfall Antalya “Upper Duden” there is also a “Lower Duden”. This waterfall, which flows into the sea, and in the spring it is very beautiful.

Rent Apartment 2+1 (100 m2) in the Premium Park Residence 2 (Konyaalti‬, Antalya) from 01.05. to 01.06.2015 at LOW price.

If you need to legalize official documents, obtained in Turkey, in their country, they need to put a stamp “Apostille”.

When booking an apartment until the end of March 2015 in the Riva Residence on May-October the price of rent for the week will be 300 Euro, and per month - 1000 Euro!

When booking an apartment until the end of March 2015 in the Look-O-More Residence (Konyaalti‬, Antalya) on May-October you get discount 10%

Small reservoir Dojran (Doyran Göleti) located between Antalya and the ski resort Saklikent next to the highway.

Location map of complexes in Antalya for rent

When booking an apartment until the end of March 2015 in the luxury complex Onkel Residence on May-October the price of rent for the week will be 400 Euro, per month – 1500 Euro!

Another interesting place for a family vacation in Antalya is Nashira Park.

Winter range of products on the market is not much different from the autumn. The market is dominated vegetables (tomatoes, pepper, cucumbers, radishes), but also a lot of fruit, substantially, is a citrus fruit

Aşiyan – this Turkish restaurant, Located on a hill with spectacular views of the mountains and Antalya, inside playing melodious music, burning fireplace in the middle of the hall, work smiling waiters.

Medical insurance is not obligatory for your trip to Turkey, but it helps to save much money in case you need some medical assistance. We recommend to buy your medical insurance policy at favorable price from our partner – agency “PerseyTravel”.

Side in winter is the lack of pilgrimage of tourists from different countries and a good opportunity to leisurely walks around the city and to fully enjoy its antiquity.

Discount for Rental valid until the end of April – prices are decreased!

ZOO – is another great place for family vacation in Antalya. It is located on the outskirts of the city near Kepez in a pine forest. Territory of zoo is a huge and well appointed, animals are beautiful and all housed in spacious enclosures.

Bay Korsan Koyu in Turkish language calls "The Pirate Bay". Korsan Koyu in 1 century BC was a haven for pirates of Cilicia. It was a real coastal pirate stronghold with a tower on the rocks.

If you want to book apartments before the end of March 2015 in Site Rose 2 (Konyaalti‬, Antalya) you get discount 10%.

If you want to book apartments before the end of March 2015 in Site Rose 1 (Antalya) you get discount 10%.

Kesik Minaret – is ruins of an ancient mosque and minaret, located in the Old Town (Kaleici) in the southern part.

Look-O-More Residence reduces the cost of rent for all types of apartments for booking on 2015 year 10% !

"Garden of Religions" – it is a beautiful and unique place to Turkey. It is a religious center, one in which there are Christian church, Muslim mosque and a Jewish synagogue.

In October, the season is considered closed – there are no sunshades,, deck-chairs and other summer accessories on the beaches. You can find only changing stalls,, showers and some cocktail bars on the beaches.

MiniCity – this is park, and Museum at the same time. This place will impress you if you are interested in Turkish history and architecture, as the Mini City – is Turkey in miniature.

When you want to rent apartments in Antalya in the period from November to March for a month and more, the prices are reduced to 50%.

Beach Park – an amazing polished place for relax with green lawns, plenty of cafes, playgrounds and clean beaches.

Korkuteli Reservoir (Korkuteli Baraji) is situated on the outskirts of Korkuteli town (50 km from Antalya, route D350). It was built for flood control and collection of mountain waters.

Guver Canyon или Guver Ucurumu – a natural canyon, it is situated 10 km from Antalya. The length of the canyon is 2 km, depth – 155 meters, width – 20-30 meters, and the age – approximately 1 million years.

"MarkAntalya" mall – the biggest shopping center in Antalya. It covers 5 floors for shops and 5 floors for parking for 3000 places.

Start booking apartments in the complex on the Site Rose for 2015 years.

Antalya Museum (Muze)- is the second largest and one of the best museums in Turkey which has an interesting history of establishment and outstanding exhibits.

Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Antalya Is located to the area Muratpaşa (Muratpasa) Bulent Ecevit Blv. near the street 2160 Sk. building of “Aero Bilet”.

Office Ukrainian society is located in Antalya (Lara), it provides information assistance to Ukrainians, who lives in Antalya.

Karain cave (Karain) – significant site and a place which every tourist wants to visit. The traces of inhabitation of ancient humans of the Middle Paleolithic Era (200-150 thousand years ago). It is situated in the mountains approximately 380 meters above sea-level.

Near Antalya (approximately 15 km on the highway D350) are the ruins of the medieval caravanserai, serves to protect traders and residence of the time.

Directly opposite the beach in Antalya is one quite interesting cafes. It differs from others, that is decorated in a rock-and-roll style, there always plays good music, work “fast” waiters and excellent cuisine.

Few travelers know, that at the Republic Square in Antalya (Myd Republic.) daily 21-00 starts show singing fountains.

In the port of Antalya (Liman), which is located in Konyaalty, among shipping containers have one interesting fish restaurant.

Considering, that Perge was built on a plain, it is difficult to assess the actual size of the city, when you come to it. But as soon as you start to wander through the ruins, you understand, how large was the city – long street, high column, large hammams (Roman baths) with swimming pools, basilica, acropolis, necropolis and a water channel in the middle of the main street.

Kvass, cake “Napoleon”, “Prague”, “Muraveynik”, “Pigeon's milk”, dumplings with meat – that's the main difference between a cafe “Krem-Karamel” from other interesting and tasty cafe in Antalya (Antalya).

There is a twenty-four-hour Tourism Call and Information Centre working for tourists in Antalya.. The telephone of the centre – 179.

Beaches in Antalya, Lara, prices, location, photoreport of one of the beaches (Konyaaltı).

What famous Termessos? In May 333 BC. during the conquests of Alexander the Great, the city was fierce resistance and, given the terrain, he was never conquered by the army of Alexander the Great.