In the district administration building Muratpaşa amazing exhibition opened in Antalya, dedicated to the world-famous inventions with Ukrainian roots. “50 inventions, bestowed by Ukraine to the world” – this is not just an exhibition, This unique stories about inventions, Ukrainians invented, which many do not even know.

In Antalya many public sports centers, but this is the newest and best-equipped. This complex has almost all basic knitting sports. About, How does the Hall for sports in the Antalya sports center – in our video.

Antalya bus after 22.00 will stop at the request of the passengers in any suitable location.

Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Antalya Is located to the area Muratpaşa (Muratpasa) Bulent Ecevit Blv. near the street 2160 Sk. building of “Aero Bilet”.

Antalya approved a new project for bicycle…