Mamure Castle – one of the best preserved Crusader castles on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey.

As much as it may sound strange, but Lake Salda in Turkey called Turkish Maldives for its snow-white beach and turquoise water.

Ariassos was founded in the Hellenistic period 3 century BC. It lasted until 7 century BC. The city was well protected and had a strategic position, located at the intersection of transportation routes of southern Anatolia between Pisidia and Pamphylia.

Selge – ancient city, in which the first coin minted of Pisidya, it located at 100 km from Antalya in Manavgat Province in the Taurus mountains at 1250 m altitude.

Koprulu Canyon (turk. Köprülü Kanyon) – natural canyon and National park in Manavgat area about 100 km from Antalya. Canyon has a length of about 14 km along the mountain river Koprucay, width – up to 100 m and depth – up to 400 m.

Sapadere Canyon in winter, especially after a brief rain – is not easy raging stream of the mountain river, it's all the power and beauty of nature in one place.

The ancient city in Pisidia with an interesting history, it founded in III. BC. under the rule Selevk I Nicator, former military leader and a bodyguard of Alexander the Great. The city can be seen carved into the rock temple of Emperor Augustus, one of the oldest churches in Asia Minor and much more…

Forest Chimera nochyyu – a never-ending flow of tourists, willing to sit and warm up by the fire in a circle of good company…

Sagalassos - the only ancient city in the world, in which employs a fountain with the ancient water system. Sagalassos – 10 the historical facts about the city.

Peonies in the mountains of Antalya – this is reality. Only 20 km from the city in the mountains at an altitude of 1400 m is one wonderful place, where bloom these unusual flowers in April.

Rodiapolis – the ancient city near the Kumluca (Antalya). It was founded by colonists from Rhodes in VIII century BC and named after their historical homeland. First discovered who founded and began to study Rodiapolis was the Austrian archaeologists, they started in 19 century, but it was somehow forgotten for a long time. And only after a forest fire, what happened in 2000 year, antique city was again found.

Milet – ancient Greek city, it went down in history as one of the oldest cities with a high cultural level, development of trade relations on a par with Ephesus and Troy. In Miletus he lived and worked the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, laid the foundations of Greek culture and statehood, as well as the European science in general, "Father of philosophy" Phales of Mileth.

Doganbey (Doganbey Koyu) – a unique eco-village, which appreciate clean air and quiet. In this village on the houses can be found the inscription “Please, respect our silence”.

Doganbey (Doganbey Koyu) - A unique eco-village, which appreciate clean air and quiet. In the houses in this village can be found the inscription "Please, respect our silence ".

Temple of Apollo at Didim – one of the largest and well-preserved buildings of the ancient world (length 120 m, height 25 m, columns 122). Together with Delphi, Dodon and Claros, temple of the Apollo at Didim was one of the most famous sanctuary of ancient Greece, in which the oracle of Apollo spoke.

Doganbey Koyu Karina Restaurant is located in an exceptional place – there in the delta of the rivers Great Menderes and Gediz lives 60% the entire population of pelicans (Dalmatian Pelican) of Turkey. This area is a nature reserve and is protected by all sorts of international conventions for the protection of wildlife.

Lake Egirdir (turk. Lake Eğirdir) – fourth in size and the second freshwater lake in Turkey. The lake of Egirdir 482 km2, length – 50 km, width – 15 km, and the average depth – 14 meters. The lake is located in Egirdir 185 km from Antalya, in the Taurus mountains at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level.

Salda Lake – the deepest and cleanest lake in Turkey. The depth of the lake 184 m, area – approximately 45 The lake is of volcanic origin and is located at the foot of the mountain Esler.

Abandoned ancient city of Pamphylia, founded after the Trojan War by famous soothsayer Koolhaas on a high plateau (213 m altitude). Sillyon is located near Antalya between the ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos.

The heyday of Kusadasi began with “sunset” of Ephesus. In the Middle Ages (up to 15 AD) Kusadasi was the commercial center of Genoa and Venice republics. After zavaevaniya Ottoman Empire the city (1413 year) he became one of the central Ottoman port cities.

Nowadays Cape Gelidoniya became famous thanks to merchant vessel, that it sank in the late Bronze Age (approximately 1200 BC) and it was detected at a depth 27 meters only 1954. Among the finds was a ceramic Mycenaean age, refined copper, copper and tin ingots, as well as commercial scales.

Knidos - an ancient town, created Spartans (Lacedaemonians), as a colony at Cape Triopiysky Carian Chersonese (part of Asia Minor). This was a major trading town, the center of worship the cult of the goddess Aphrodite, one of the six members of the Doric Union, Center of Doric games.

Gocek – it is a popular place for sailors from different countries of the world and a major center for yacht tourism in the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

Neighborhoods Ephesus is full of interesting historical sites. One of them is the House of the Virgin Mary. It is located on the mountain 6 km from the ancient Ephesus. The road there is narrow and winding, so you will need 15-20 minutes, to drive.

Efes – one of the most famous and popular monuments in Turkey in Asia Minor, whose history begins in the 10 BC. and it ends in the 15 AD. His fame is obliged to Ephesus the cult of Artemis, the Greek goddess of fertility, in honor of which was built the temple – one of the seven wonders of the world, multiple mentions in the New Testament and the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

Many tourists when visiting the attractions in Turkey drew attention to the advertising cards – “Muzekat” and “Museum Pass”. But what is it and what they are – in fact, few people know.

From the historical Fethiye can find little – Lycian tombs rock, the ruins of the destroyed amphitheater and a medieval castle. However, it attracts tourists. Sunset – here's what can be safely called the most extraordinary in Fethiye.

Gemiler Bay – is another extraordinary place near Ölüdeniz and Fethiye. Opposite the bay is the island of the same name – Gemiler Island. This island has the second name – St. Nicholas. It is believed, that this place was the center of the spread of Christianity in this region of the Byzantine Empire.

Saklikent Canyon – the longest and deepest canyon in Turkey and the second of these parameters in Europe. It length is 18 km and the depth in some areas – up to 1 km.

Hierapolis – large antique city, It located in Pamukkale and is an integral part of it with a separate entrance through the southern Byzantine gate. The city is known by geothermal “Cleopatra baths”.

Pamukkale – natural object, which includes 17 geothermal water temperature of 35 up to 100 degrees, as well as ponds with dazzling white terraces, formed of travertine (rich in calcium limestone).

Kayakoy – a ghost town and the open-air museum near Fethiye in Turkey, earlier it used to be a big Greek town with schools, churches, fountains and a large number of homes.

Not far from Kemer, approximately 10 km to north of the city, in a small village is the ruins of the ancient Roman Kadrema (Gedelme) Castle.

Limyra is one of the oldest cities of the Lycian state. Supposedly the city was founded in the V century BC. by luvians, but ceramic findings indicated about earlier its origins - most likely the city's history began in the Hittite Empire.

Faces of Lykia in Myra (Demre, Antalya)

In addition to the amphitheater in Aspendos there is something to see – Basilica, Agora, Nymph, Exedra and Aqueduct is considered one of the most well-preserved buildings of the time on the Antalya coast.

Side in winter is the lack of pilgrimage of tourists from different countries and a good opportunity to leisurely walks around the city and to fully enjoy its antiquity.

Side – beautiful city with a great history, that you should definitely visit. The well-preserved ancient amphitheater, which accommodates up to 18 thousand spectators, the Gate into the city, the ruins of the temples of Apollo and Dionysus, and more can be seen in this city.

Oludeniz – blue paradise, a stellar place, a blue lagoon, and the most beautiful beach in Turkey. It's all about him, And all the names of this stunning places are absolutely true about it.

This city is included to the UNESCO list and is considered to be one of the most prominent monuments of ancient history.

Patara - one of those cities of Lycia, which were of great importance for the development of the state as a whole.

Kalkan - this is one of those small resort towns in Turkey, always attracts the attention of tourists, especially English.

We visited one of the beaches in Turkey, the fame of which has spread far beyond its borders – it was Kaputash.

Kas is conveniently located in one of the mountain slopes. Surrounded by dense forests, it looks like a jewel in a unique frame. Here come the lovers of silence and solitude, because the city did not like the noisy resorts, rather quiet province, it is charming and amazing.

According to historians, Aspendos is one of the most interesting prints millennial history of Antalya region.

Amazing and charming Phaselis beckons lovers of antiquity: visit to Turkey and not visit this Lycian city - inexcusable.

Kekova is a surprising name of an island in the Mediterranean sea which covers only 4,5 square km, but always attracts tourists, travelling around Turkey. Obviously, the main things which attract travelers here, certainly, are the ruins of four towns Dolihiste, Simena, Tejmuss and Aperlaja, which are covered by the water.

It is known, that in the 2nd century BC. Olympos has its own coins, moreover,, it was one of six the most powerful cities of ancient Lycia.

The church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the most famous and highly visited sights in the Demre valley, which is known by all the Christians worldwide. Nowadays the church of St . Nicholas the Wonderworker is both a touristic object, and a place where pilgrims from the whole world are heading for. .

The famous Lycian tombs , you can find at many places across the Antalya coast , and they are one of the most significant Turkish sights.