Rental apartments and villas in a large complex family Apollonium Spa Beach Resort in Bodrum (Akbuk) on the Aegean Sea, full list, price and description

!!New fines for speeding on the roads in Turkey!!

Rental apartments and villas in a large complex family Apollonium Spa Beach Resort in Bodrum (Akbuk) on the Aegean Sea, full list, price and description

Many tourists, languidly resting in Turkey, forget about the terms of their legal stay in the country. What to do, if you exceed the period of visa-free stay in Turkey?

25-29 th of April 2018 will be held in Antalya International civilian airport the largest air show EURASIA AIRSHOW 2018.

Rental apartments in Alanya in the new season 2018 – Top 5 selection of popular complexes for rent.

Peonies in the mountains of Antalya – this is reality. Only 20 km from the city in the mountains at an altitude of 1400 m is one wonderful place, where bloom these unusual flowers in April.

Rodiapolis – the ancient city near the Kumluca (Antalya). It was founded by colonists from Rhodes in VIII century BC and named after their historical homeland. First discovered who founded and began to study Rodiapolis was the Austrian archaeologists, they started in 19 century, but it was somehow forgotten for a long time. And only after a forest fire, what happened in 2000 year, antique city was again found.

We offer you our selection of the TOP-5 popular proposals for the rent of apartments for vacation in Alanya (Turkey).

We offer you the TOP-5 proposals for rent of spacious 3-bedroom apartments in Antalya (Turkey) in Konyaalti (Liman) near the beach.

We offer you a unique collection of interesting information about Turkey and its inhabitants, which you may not know – 50 interesting facts about Turkey.

4-5 February Belek passes Taekwondo European Championship (Olympic sport) among children. Event Organisation – on high, everything is very organized. Watch a video overview of the competition…

In Antalya many public sports centers, but this is the newest and best-equipped. This complex has almost all basic knitting sports. About, How does the Hall for sports in the Antalya sports center – in our video.

Milet – ancient Greek city, it went down in history as one of the oldest cities with a high cultural level, development of trade relations on a par with Ephesus and Troy. In Miletus he lived and worked the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, laid the foundations of Greek culture and statehood, as well as the European science in general, "Father of philosophy" Phales of Mileth.

Homeless animals in Antalya, as they live in the city – all in our little video.

Turkish authorities have engaged in the expansion of the Antalya Airport. This implies increase in the area of ​​all zones: aircraft service area, their temporary parking and the station for passengers. Read more…

Popular residences for the winter in Antalya (Turkey) near the sea, complex description, Prices for rental apartments in the winter in Antalya

Temple of Apollo at Didim – one of the largest and well-preserved buildings of the ancient world (length 120 m, height 25 m, columns 122). Together with Delphi, Dodon and Claros, temple of the Apollo at Didim was one of the most famous sanctuary of ancient Greece, in which the oracle of Apollo spoke.

Lake Egirdir (turk. Lake Eğirdir) – fourth in size and the second freshwater lake in Turkey. The lake of Egirdir 482 km2, length – 50 km, width – 15 km, and the average depth – 14 meters. The lake is located in Egirdir 185 km from Antalya, in the Taurus mountains at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level.

Karacaoren Baraji – reservoir area 45 km2, built in 1977-1990 years in the mountains on the Aksu River for irrigation of soils, flood control, and generation of electricity. Ещё в водоёме разводят рыб 🙂

Lavender field in Keciborlu – is the nearest place from Antalya, where you can see, how lavender blooms.

Salda Lake – the deepest and cleanest lake in Turkey. The depth of the lake 184 m, area – approximately 45 The lake is of volcanic origin and is located at the foot of the mountain Esler.

In EXPO 2016 in Antalya in addition to the popular Turkish singers are expected performances of world-class stars: STING, SCORPIONS, MUSE, DEEP PURPLE, MAROON 5, SEAN PAUL, JOSE CARRERAS, DJ DAVID GUETA and many others.

New rules for import private vehicles to Turkey: how long you can now import cars to Turkey and who can use the car with foreign license plates signs by the new rules?

Chimera – mythical mountain with flames, watch photo report.

Open ticket sales for «EXPO-2016" in Antalya! They are easy to buy with the help of on-line service. When buying tickets to 15 March – price 10 TL. Read more…

The heyday of Kusadasi began with “sunset” of Ephesus. In the Middle Ages (up to 15 AD) Kusadasi was the commercial center of Genoa and Venice republics. After zavaevaniya Ottoman Empire the city (1413 year) he became one of the central Ottoman port cities.

What is interesting medical tourism in Turkey, what medical services and treatments offered in Turkey, clinics Turkey, prices.

In Turkey, a system of compulsory 12-year education for children. This period is divided into three four-year period: primary classes, average, The latest four-year - Lyceum. The Turks call this system 4+4+4. She was introduced to 2012 year, before this was compulsory for students to unlearn all 8 years.

Deepo Outlet Center – stock mall, in which throughout the year every day customers can purchase a variety of products with great discounts, and sometimes extend up to 70%.

Antalya Aquarium – is not only one of the biggest aquarium in the world, but also a great place for a family holiday.

Nowadays Cape Gelidoniya became famous thanks to merchant vessel, that it sank in the late Bronze Age (approximately 1200 BC) and it was detected at a depth 27 meters only 1954. Among the finds was a ceramic Mycenaean age, refined copper, copper and tin ingots, as well as commercial scales.

The article describes in detail the procedure for a residence permit (Residence Permit) in Turkey, set the full list of required documents.

Knidos - an ancient town, created Spartans (Lacedaemonians), as a colony at Cape Triopiysky Carian Chersonese (part of Asia Minor). This was a major trading town, the center of worship the cult of the goddess Aphrodite, one of the six members of the Doric Union, Center of Doric games.

The most intresting, but also proved to be a difficult path to the observation platform. Height above sea level – 1200 m. Yes, in Termessos there is a place! The road starts from the column to the streets and stretches across an unforgettable southwest necropolis…

Map with the location of villas in Kemer and Camyuva to rent 35 km from Antalya (Turkey)

Efes – one of the most famous and popular monuments in Turkey in Asia Minor, whose history begins in the 10 BC. and it ends in the 15 AD. His fame is obliged to Ephesus the cult of Artemis, the Greek goddess of fertility, in honor of which was built the temple – one of the seven wonders of the world, multiple mentions in the New Testament and the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

Many tourists when visiting the attractions in Turkey drew attention to the advertising cards – “Muzekat” and “Museum Pass”. But what is it and what they are – in fact, few people know.

In this article we will talk about the nuances and prioritization of operations with the purchase and registration of the car in Antalya (Turkey), as well as obtaining the license plate for him.

From the historical Fethiye can find little – Lycian tombs rock, the ruins of the destroyed amphitheater and a medieval castle. However, it attracts tourists. Sunset – here's what can be safely called the most extraordinary in Fethiye.

Turkey - a country of contrasts, bright emotions, tourists, movable endless desire to explore every corner of it. However, you should know, that in Turkey there are highways and roads, which must be paid. In this article you will find rates, as well as the methods of payment for travel on such highways.

Hierapolis – large antique city, It located in Pamukkale and is an integral part of it with a separate entrance through the southern Byzantine gate. The city is known by geothermal “Cleopatra baths”.

Pamukkale – natural object, which includes 17 geothermal water temperature of 35 up to 100 degrees, as well as ponds with dazzling white terraces, formed of travertine (rich in calcium limestone).

When you receive a residence permit in Turkey is not obligatory medical insurance for children, and the elderly over 65 years. However, if you are going to stay in the country long enough, you must take care of its buying, even if you do not fall under these categories.

Starting from 18th May 2015 the procedure of submission of documents for an IKAMET (Residence Permit) in Turkey has become even easier. Now you can make an appointment online, avoid queues and long waiting times. This is done using the official Internet resource of the Migration Service.

For those, who is going to spend time on holiday in Turkey more, than it allows ordinary tourist visa, are made available a complete list of documents for obtaining a residence permit Tourism.

In 2015 in Turkey celebrate the 100th anniversary of the day of the battle of Gallipoli.

There are only boutique hotels, and a small cottage village in this cozy valley. There is a small beach area with sun loungers under a canopy and pier.

Adrasan Bay has an absolutely unique location – sea from the one side, and there are mountains covered in forests from the others. There are different hotels, small cafes and restaurant with affordable prices between the sea and mountains.

Antalya Museum (Muze)- is the second largest and one of the best museums in Turkey which has an interesting history of establishment and outstanding exhibits.

Considering, that Perge was built on a plain, it is difficult to assess the actual size of the city, when you come to it. But as soon as you start to wander through the ruins, you understand, how large was the city – long street, high column, large hammams (Roman baths) with swimming pools, basilica, acropolis, necropolis and a water channel in the middle of the main street.

Pharmacies Turkey drugs and medicines do not always have such names, to which we have become accustomed. Being in the Turkish pharmacy, need to know not only the Turkish name of the medicine, but the main active ingredient of the desired drug.

Should I take a great first aid kit with you on vacation in Turkey? Lifesaving drugs you should have, of course, to, but in a lot of them just not worth taking.

The cost of drugs and medicines in Turkey, price comparison.

What famous Termessos? In May 333 BC. during the conquests of Alexander the Great, the city was fierce resistance and, given the terrain, he was never conquered by the army of Alexander the Great.

Consulate of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus in Antalya: address, phones and opening hours.

Those who like and, want to learn horse riding on the racetrack or in the mountains, we strongly recommend a visit to Rancho "Burke" and Horse Club "Orphe".

Park of fairy tales (MASAL PARKI), Nashira Park, kids club ZIP-ZIP OYUN PARK, zoo – these are the places, which you must visit with children in Antalya.

Generally, many tourists come on holiday to Turkey with various gadgets and electronic devices, which need Internet access. If for any reason the Internet "not enough", then, for example, for tablets you can buy a special SIM-card with service provider. It is very easy. You must come to the office mobile operator Turkcell ("5M Migros" mall (big […]

Belarus and Turkey 1 June 2014 year visa canceled.

The issuance of visas to Turkish-labels at airports on arrival to Turkey will be abolished. Instead, the Turkish Foreign Ministry introduces electronic visas (e-View), which will need to execute on-line prior to departure to Turkey via the Internet.

Oludeniz – blue paradise, a stellar place, a blue lagoon, and the most beautiful beach in Turkey. It's all about him, And all the names of this stunning places are absolutely true about it.

Whom and how much you must pay for a visa?