Many tourists, languidly resting in Turkey, forget about the terms of their legal stay in the country. What to do, if you exceed the period of visa-free stay in Turkey?

For those, who is going to spend time on holiday in Turkey more, than it allows ordinary tourist visa, are made available a complete list of documents for obtaining a residence permit Tourism.

Personal experience of vacation in Antalya apartments. As it is without “all Inclusive”?

Belarus and Turkey 1 June 2014 year visa canceled.

The Government of Turkey before the new tourist season has made a number of changes in requirements, that relate to the passports of visitors.

The issuance of visas to Turkish-labels at airports on arrival to Turkey will be abolished. Instead, the Turkish Foreign Ministry introduces electronic visas (e-View), which will need to execute on-line prior to departure to Turkey via the Internet.

Whom and how much you must pay for a visa?