hgs line turkeyTurkey - a country of contrasts, bright emotions, tourists, movable endless desire to explore every corner of it. However, you should know, that Turkey has a lot of highways and roads, which must be paid. In this article you will find the fares on such routes, all amounts are in Turkish Lira.

Size fare caused by technical characteristics and the number of cars traveled on a particular road kilometers. A separate fee is charged for crossing the bridge, on which the traffic moves through the Bosporus.

Transport is divided in the following way:
– machine with two axles, the gap between them is less than 3.25 meters, here referred Motorcycles, Cars, cars with bodywork, minibuses (We will continue to use the term «Category 1»);
– vehicles with 2 axes, the gap between them longer 3.25 meters, this includes SUVs, commercials, trucks and buses («Category 2»);
– transport with 3 axes, this group includes the above categories cars with trailer, trucks and buses («Category 3»).

The main toll highway in Turkey

O-3 highway (Mehme-Bay - Эdirne) It is located in the northeastern part of the country. Duration site, fare for which is payable, is 211, 9 kilometers. For each variety of transport provided certain tariff:
for 1 categories - 7.25 TL;
for 2 categories - 9.25 TL;
for 3 categories - 13 TL.

O-4 highway (Istanbul – Ankara) It stored in the central region. Distance area, for which you will have to pay, is 380. 7 km:
for 1 categories - 13.5 TL;
for 2 categories - 17 TL;
for 3 categories - 24 TL.

O-32 highway (Izmir - Chemshe) in western Turkey. The length of the section of the road is paid 67.9 km. Freeway O-21 and O-50 (Pozantы - Adana Batty) located in the south between these provinces. The length of each is about 76.5 km. The cost of travel to these highways is the same and is:
for 1 categories- 2.25 TL;
for 2 categories - 2.50 TL;
for 3 categories - 5 TL.

O-31 highway (Izmir, Aydin) located in the western part of the country. It reaches a length of 99.6 km.
O-53 highway (Adana Dogu - Iskenderun) It is located in the south of the state. The length of the section of the road is paid 85 km. The cost of movement along these routes is the same.
for 1 categories- 3 TL;
for 2 categories - 3.75 TL;
for 3 categories - 5.50 TL.

O-51 highway (Chamtepe - Mersin) It was built in the south of Turkey. The length of the road, which must be paid, is 32 km.
for 1 categories- 2.25 TL;
for 2 categories - 2.50 TL;
for 3 categories- 4.75 TL.

O-52 and O-54 highways (Adana Dogu - Shanlurfa) located in the south. Their length is 312 km.
for 1 categories- 10.5 TL;
for 2 categories -. 11.5 TL;
for 3 categories - 15.5 TL.

In Turkey also highlights the road sections with a special payment.

Overpass Bosphorus - Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge combine Asian and the bulk of the country's capital. Both bridges are designed for car traffic. The length of the first 1, 56 km, and the other - 1,51 km (payment for transportation is carried out exclusively in the route from Europe to Asia).
Owners of motor vehicles, pickups, passenger cars and vans pay 4.25 TL;
owners of vans, buses, SUVs and trucks cars pay a fee of 5.5 TL;
Motorists cars with trailer, large and freight cars must be aware of a fee of 10.25 TL.

What payment methods can be used?


The simplest system of payment of toll roads is buy a HGS sticker-label.

HGS sticker

HGS-stickers sold in the offices at the entrances / exits of toll road sections, in any branch of PTT (Post office) or a bank Garanti. One part of the need to stick the sticker on the windshield, and the other - leave yourself for storage. Sticker worth 35 TL. Of them 5 TRY - is the cost of the sticker and 30 TRY remains for travel on roads. The payment system HGS with photo / video fixation January 2013 I have completely replaced old (the coupon) payment system KGS and soon will replace the current system is still using proximity sensor OGS.