How and Where can pass technical inspection of the car in Antalya?

tuvturk anatlya (6)In Antalya there are three specialized stations TÜVTÜRK for exam cars: in Dosemealti, in Kepez and near the airport. I chose the first option, as in Kepez for motorcycles, and rating of TUVTURK station near the Airport is very "weak".

And so, what to start?
First, if you go on TUVTURK station, self-check medicine chest, fire extinguisher, warning triangle and all similar devices - it will be checked.

TUVTURK station in Dosemealti — large station, at the same time pass inspection all types of vehicles, including buses and trucks. For passenger cars allocated two garages (total 4), in which at the same time stop by 3 cars. Attendants are many - I counted more 10 persons, who deal directly with car inspection, queue moves quickly.

And now, considering my mistakes, I want tell you, how quickly to pass TUVTURK exam, and what you need do there, without wasting time.

And so, all seriatim.

tuvturk anatlya (7)1. Get a ticket on the waiting. When you arrive at the station and you will see a large number of cars, do not panic, it is to you has nothing to do. At first, you just need to park the car and go to get a ticket with his queue number. In the building station (waiting room, too) right at the entrance is tickets mashine, next to it sits station worker, it will give you a ticket upon presentation of by you registration certificate, in which will be written time of your rendezvous. Until that time, you are absolutely free! Note: write down kilometrage of your car on the ticket - be useful.

2. Payment of technical inspection. At the time on the display in the waiting room would light your number. There should check the documents for cars, and a document, according to vehicle was registered (passport, kimlik, Residence Permit). You will be registered in the system, then you pay for technical inspection (cars – 250 TL). After that, with all the docks you go to CO-CH test (test car exhaust) (this is control of harmful substances in the exhaust gases).

tuvturk anatlya (5)3.CO-CH test. This is the first test, which cars pass, and in my opinion, the most important. After this test you give out a form with green trim, which gives you the right to continue checking, Well, if there is no, then there is nothing to take their turn. Place to check the CO-CH is separately (on the other side of the station). When you arrive at, pass all the docks, that you have given earlier, to worker. Here is live queue, so we will have to wait. Check quickly – three times you should push to the gas pedal, then the device calculates the average value of your car. Generally, it's all here.

4.Take time by the forelock – we return the docks on time. After CO-CH test you should go back to the office, but to put the car into the parking lot again - main queue for primary inspection is not yours and should not take it. Your aim is to pass all the docks next to one skilled in the office and wait…wait, when they announced your name and surname on the speakerphone.

tuvturk anatlya (1)5.You announced on speakerphone – you can take their turn in the examination now.

6.Give car to station worker. When your queue came, нou give the car for inspection. Master checks number of the engine under the hood, checks kit, warning triangle, fire extinguisher, tow tapes. Then the car goes to check, and we can only wait and drink tea in the cafeteria.

7.Meet car. Tests are quick enough - to 10 minutes. The car is parked, you signature in documents and again waiting, when all the data of your car write down in system. All this makes one person, who took your car.
tuvturk anatlya (3)He gives the results of the inspection (form with the blue and green border), vehicle inspection certificate with a stamp of inspection and paste a sticker with the date of the next technical inspection on license plate. So that is all .

In total, time of the technical inspection – about 2 hours.

Note 1: I recommend arriving at either the morning, or after dinner to 16-00 - queue is acceptable , it does not have to spend time waiting.

Note 2: bank cards can not pay, accept only cash. Nearest ATMs only in Dosemealti.

Note 3: register for technical inspection is possible by means of the site –

TUVTURK station in Dosemealti on the map